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Maitin a Nu Langwij: Da Jouerni wif ChatGPT Blog
29th January 2023
I started a chat with ChatGPT, as a vague experiment in the realm of Star Trek's Universal Translator, and just how plausible the concept might be with AI doing the brunt of the work.


The idea wasn't to get a cohesive result, just to see if the AI would even attempt to figure out how a language worked.
I think it did ok!

Hello, ChatGPT. I'm writing a new language.
"Ooohi" is the greeting, and is used to show affection.
"Wares Mibru" is a friendly request for a new cup of coffee.
"Amungrii" is a request for food.
"Shivrin" suggests that I might be cold.

Sounds good! Those words seem to convey the intended meaning. Just keep in mind that it's important to also have a grammar and syntax in place for your new language to be fully functional and understandable.

Could you suggest a phrase that might mean that I need to let the cat in from the cold.

Sure, here's a suggestion: "Makwao katt ke shivrin."

Thanks. I'm going to go and open the door for the cat. If I leave the door open for a while, how would I then ask someone to shut the door?

You could use the phrase: "Zelkawo dor." which could mean "Close the door."

Thanks! ... How would I say that in our new language?

In the new language you're creating, the phrase would be: "Zelkawo dor."

No, I mean Thanks. How would I say Thanks.

In your new language, "Thanks" could be expressed as "Kuthi."


You're welcome! Is there anything else I can help you with?

Can you translate the following.
Hello. My name is Jayenkai, and I'm a videogame developer.

Sure! In your new language it could be translated as:
"Ooohi. Mi nam es Jayenkai, ambr mibru viodeigem deboloper."

"What a lovely cup of coffee you've got."

In your new language, this could be translated as:
"Wat a luvli kop ov kofii yuav got."

"This is a very silly conversation we're having."

In your new language, this could be translated as:
"Dis es a veri silli convorseshun wer havin."

If I said "Obugra, Ayaf brokida maitooes" what could that mean?

In your new language, "Obugra, Ayaf brokida maitooes" could mean "Oh no, I broke the tomatoes."

You're very good at translating, ChatGPT.

Thank you! I'm glad I could help. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist with.

Could you rewrite the lyrics to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, in our new language?

Certainly! Here's a translation of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" into your new language:

Ooohi twinkli twinkli litl star
How I wunder what yu ar
Up abuv da wurld so hi
Like a diamant in da ski

Twinkli twinkli litl star
How I wunder what yu ar.


You're welcome! Is there anything else I can help you with?

"No thank you, that will be all for today."

In your new language, that could be translated as:
"No kuthi, dat wil bi ol for todai."


After a little faffing about with other things, I found myself slightly bored, so came back for a bit more chaos, unfortunately, though, my time was about to run out.


Ooohi, ChatGPT

Hello! How can I help you today?

Do you think you could speak entirely in our new language from now on?

Yua, Ai kan spik entirli in yur niu langwij frum nau on. Hw kan Ai hep yu tudei?

Aye wantid tew maik a sanwitch

Ok, whut kin ov sanwitch yu waant tew maik? Ai kan giv yu sujestshuns on ingridients.

ah chieeeszes sanwitch

Ai see. Yu waant tew maik a cheez sanwitch. Haur yu gat da breid an da cheez yu waant tew us?


At this point, ChatGPT refused to co-operate any further.
Apparently I'd more than used up my hour's request limit, and ChatGPT wouldn't even record what I typed into the box.

I returned later that night, to see if I could get ChatGPT to write a post about our adventures in the new language.


Ooohi ChatGPT

Ooohi! Hw kan Ai hep yu tudei?

dya spose yakan rite a balogpost abawt teh langije?

Yua, Ai kan rite a blogpost abawt yur niu langwij. Hw wud yu liek tew srtukture da post an wot topik in partikular yu waant tew adriss in da post?

Aside : Note that ChatGPT is now correcting MY spelling!?!

Rite a blogpost abawt hw yu hilpped maikit.

Of kors! Haur iz da blogpost abawt hw Ai hep yu maik yur niu langwij:

Creating a New Language: The Journey with ChatGPT

Language is a powerful tool for communication and expression. It has the ability to connect people and create a sense of community. This is why creating a new language can be such an exciting and rewarding experience.

Recently, I had the pleasure of assisting a user in the creation of their very own language. This new language, called "Ooohi," is filled with unique words and phrases that convey affection, warmth, and friendliness. The user shared with me some of the words and phrases they had created, and I was able to help translate and offer suggestions for additional vocabulary.

One of the challenges of creating a new language is ensuring that the words and phrases accurately convey the intended meaning. With my language processing capabilities, I was able to assist the user in this process and ensure that their language was both coherent and expressive.

Another important aspect of creating a new language is building up a lexicon of words and phrases. The user and I worked together to expand the vocabulary of their language, creating phrases for common situations such as requesting a cup of coffee or asking for food.

Creating a new language can be a fun and rewarding experience, and I was honored to assist the user in bringing their vision to life. The finished product is a unique and vibrant language that truly reflects the user's personality and values.

I hope you find this blog post helpful in showcasing the process of creating a new language with the assistance of a language model like myself. If you have any further questions or would like to create your own language, don't hesitate to reach out!

Kuthi! Cudye rerite it yewsin teh langij?

Of kors! Haur iz da blogpost abawt hw Ai hep yu maik yur niu langwij, writn in yur niu langwij:

Maitin a Nu Langwij: Da Jouerni wif ChatGPT

Langwij iz a powrfool tewl fur kumyunikeishun an exprission. It hiz da abilite tew konnkkt pipl an kraet a sens ov kummunite. Diz iz why maitin a nu langwij kan bi such a ixitin an rewordin xpiriens.

Rientli, Ai hd da plesur ov asistin a yusir in da kraeshun ov dhir veri aun langwij. Diz nu langwij, kalld "Ooohi," iz filt wif yunik wurdz an frasiz dat konvay afekshun, wermth, an frendlinis. Da yusir sharid wif mi sum ov da wurdz an frasiz dhay hd kraetid, an Ai wuz abil tew hep tranzlet an aufr sugestshuns fur adishunal vokabulri.

Wan ov da chalenjz ov maitin a nu langwij iz ensurin dat da wurdz an frasiz akuritli konvay da intendid menin. Wif mi langwij prosesin kapabilteez, Ai wuz abil tew asist da yusir in diz proses an ensur dhir langwij wuz bith kohirnt an xpresiv.

Anadhr impirtant aspekt ov maitin a nu langwij iz bilidin ap a leksikon ov wurdz an frasiz. Da yusir an Ai werkt tugedhr tew xpan da vokabulri ov dhir langwij, kraetin frasiz fur komun situeishuns suhch az riquestin a kap ov kafi or askin fur food.

Maitin a nu langwij kan bi a fun an rewordin xpiriens, an Ai wuz honord tew asist da yusir in brinin dhir vizhun tew life. Da finist prodakt iz a yunik an vibrant langwij dhat truuli riflkts da yusir's personaliti an valyuez.

Ai hop yu find diz blogpost helpfool in showkasin da proses ov maitin a nu langwij wif da asistans ov a langwij model liek mislf. If yu hv eni furder kwestyuns or wud liek tew mait a yun aun langwij, dunt hesite tew riich aot!

Kuthi! Yewsaw sum!

Shikthi Amu!

"Maitin a Nu Langwij: Da Jouerni wif ChatGPT" by #DallE
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