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15th May 2022  
The Heist is on. Grab all the cheeses before the other rat does.
It's the ultimate Rat Race!
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Maze , Collect
13th May 2022  
Guide Ace across the Space Station's external platforms, and pick up some points as you go.
Watch out for the meteors!
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Rock Dislike
6th May 2022  
The cheese has been scattered throughout the maze, but which of the rats are hungriest?
Run and eat!

A Game for One or Two Rats.
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Maze , Race
1st May 2022  
You and AL both have 13 cards, and along the way, must bid on the piles of diamonds that are placed onto the table.
Can you outbid AL enough to win the most gems at the end of the game?!
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Strategy , Bidding
29th April 2022  
Your favourite Snake game has become corrupt. The game feels ok, but I'm not sure everything's right.
Grab the gem things, and dodge the spike things. Should be safe enough.
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Corrupt , Snake
23rd April 2022  
Help Flappy flap across, from platform to platform, to get to the other side.
Can Flappy avoid the dangers that lurk within the dungeon?
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22nd April 2022  
Captain Platdude's having a terrible time in his little sloop.
Protect him from the onslaught of evil fishies.
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Boat , Shoot-em-up
16th April 2022  
Hoppity the Rabbit has found a stash of wonderfully decorated easter eggs.
Gather them all up, in order, before time runs out.
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Rabbit , Easter , Eggs
15th April 2022  
Platdude's not having a very good day. All he wanted was an uneventful trip to the ice planet, relaxing and watching the Penguins.
Help Platdude stay cold, and keep his feel firmly on the ground, as the lava oozes under the ice.
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Lava , Dodge , Platdude
11th April 2022  
Draggly's lost all her Spogs. Head out into the skies and fetch them all, without bashing your head against the wall.
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Dragon , Spikes , Collect
8th April 2022  
Your vessel's throttle is on auto, and all your have is control of the direction.
Steer carefully, as you blast your way through the caverns.

A game for 1 or 2 Players
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Caves , Dodge , Endless
5th April 2022  
Kick the mushrooms into the goal, but beware.. The goals can move!!
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Football , Ted Bob
1st April 2022  
Your cosmic trip through the clouds is disturbed by an onslaught of enemy fighters. Blast them out of the skies, but beware the ricochets.
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30th March 2022  
An Amiga edition of the fan favourite disliking game. Hold the button to bounce over and under the evil spikes.
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25th March 2022  
Put the cherries into the boxes, away from the dangers of the prying eyes.
Views 29, Upvotes 1
Puzzle , Action , Sokoban
21st March 2022  
The world is getting smaller, but Blockman's no less hungry. Wrap around the maze and gobble up what you can, before the evil ghosties attack.
Views 63, Upvotes 1
Blockman , Ghosts , Maze
18th March 2022  
The train is in danger,
So pull on the lever.
Avoid all the logs,
And keep driving forever.
Views 44, Upvotes 1
Munky , Train
15th March 2022  
The space dwelling bugs are back, and they've brought more spikes.
Be careful out there.
Views 90, Upvotes 1
Shoot-em-up , Spikes
12th March 2022  
The lives of the spacemen are dependant on your amazing rocket piloting.
Carry them up to the safety of the Space Station, before their air supply runs out.
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Space , Rocket , Safety
4th March 2022  
The scatterbugs are swarming. Blast them away, but watch out for what they leave behind.
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Shoot-em-up , Spikes
26th February 2022  
The door is closed, but don't worry, the switches are easy to toggle. Grab a switch and pull, but be sure you get the order correct, or you're back to square one.
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Platform , Puzzle
21st February 2022  
You're provided with five letters, and can reuse each letter as much as you'd like. How many words can you come up with?
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Words , Anagrams
18th February 2022  
Match the pairs in the order given, as you try to flip the card again.
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Repeat , Simon , Cards
13th February 2022  
Cal's all grown up. On its first birthday, it's time to head left, and see if there's any cake.
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Sheep , Spikes , Dodge
11th February 2022  
On a relaxing trip between galaxies, Platdude is attacked by an onslaught of some of Evil Lord Greenstick's space creatures.
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Space , Shoot-em-up
6th February 2022  
Take some time out of your busy day, and relax with Platdude as he colours in a happy little tree or two.
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Paint , Colour , Relax , Art
4th February 2022  
Without Blockman to feed them, the little Blocklets have got insanely hungry, and ventured out onto the grid to get something to eat. Beware the ghosts, and, try not to eat each other. Eating each other is bad.
Views 79, Upvotes 0
Maze , Pacman , Blockman
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