The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  16th October, 2018
Wait for the delivery.
I'm not sure when it's due.
I wonder where on earth it is.
I haven't got a clue.
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  15th October, 2018
The code is in chaos.
Excuse all the mess.
But I'm working too quickly,
And trying my best.
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  14th October, 2018
Time is of the essence,
But what games can I make?
To build an advent calendar.
What effort it will take.
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  13th October, 2018
Bouncing from project to project again,
Trying to balance the workload.
I hope it all works out ok in the end,
Or my laptop will probably explode.
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  12th October, 2018
The Space Bees are approaching.
Be sure to grab your gun.
When you life's not in immediate risk,
It sometimes might be fun.
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  11th October, 2018
All of the coding,
There's so much to do.
Now isn't the time,
To be starting anew.
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  10th October, 2018
Puzzling over the puzzles.
I make another game.
Try to make them tricky,
Or else they'll all be lame.
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  9th October, 2018
Three sides of length and angles too,
A puzzle of numbers, spectacular.
The only thing to know for sure..
The triangle is critically triangular.
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  8th October, 2018
I've woke up this morning, just barely.
I feel like I haven't slept much.
My mind is asleep and I'm feeling quite week,
But I need to make levels and such.
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  7th October, 2018
Backup the backups,
And back them up safe.
Or they might get deleted,
By Windows Updates.
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  6th October, 2018
I played Mario Party.
It was ok, I guess.
One game took an hour.
I'm not that impressed.
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  5th October, 2018
Listening to music,
Whilst coding away.
I wonder what choons,
Will be playing today.
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  4th October, 2018
With all the things I've left to do,
I need to get a move on.
I haven't even started yet,
On games for Christmas season.
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  3rd October, 2018
Phoning up the bank again.
The only time I use one.
To speak to reps in offices,
And hope a fix can be done.
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  2nd October, 2018
Things are unfinished.
There's so much to do.
Yet my mind's started wandering,
To projects anew.
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  1st October, 2018
All things considered,
That went rather well.
The server is working,
And it wasn't sheer hell.
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  30th September, 2018
Things appear to be working.
I think it's alright.
Let's hope it won't break,
When it's late in the night.
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  29th September, 2018
When one thing is working,
Then more things will break.
That's just how thing's go,
When you've so much to make.
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  28th September, 2018
The site is back up,
But it's really not good.
It keeps having issues,
Broken under the hood.
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  27th September, 2018
Watching the website late at night.
The hosts are changing the server.
Site goes down, then bobs back up.
Like it floats with a life preserver.
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