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7th April 2009  
A bizarre mismash of random thoughts this week, alongside an eventual plan of action, and only a day to impliment it!!

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3rd April 2009  
I'm jumping all over the place, lately, aren't I!!
With Skeleton files to update, Menus to rejig, and even super-complex Socoder work, there's lots and lots and lots for me to do!
This morning, I've hopped back to Platdude's Retro Collection 2. Day 14 is a whole day away from Day 13. That can't be good! The game won't be finished for another year and a half at this rate!!
Right then.. Menus!
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
2nd April 2009  
OK, as I said earlier, I've been playing with the Skeleton stuff today.
Whilst I was in there, I wondered how fun it might be if I added some kind of overriding features into my default engine.
You might (or not) have noticed, but since Wednesday Workshop Week #1, I've been placing all my game's data into the System folder, then into it's own Weekly numbered folder within.
If you get ALL my games (from the past couple of years), you can bundle them all together into the same folder.
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Daily Blog
2nd April 2009  
OMG! The complaints are everywhere!
I guess the general verdict is that my games are too hard.
To be honest, I never thought of them as being "hard". I just kinda skip over the dull early parts, *ARRGGHH!! TUTORIALS!!!!* and get the player right into the game, instead.
But folk are complaining. So a new plan of action must be decided.
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Daily Blog
31st March 2009  
I had intended to update this a fair bit. Add music, add extra pickups, things like that.
But in the end, I instead decided to leave it as it is.
This is (with added Highscore table) pretty much as it is at the end of the two hour session.
A nice simple game, with a basic gameplay method.
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30th March 2009  
Yesterday I filmed some stuff, a nice big 250Mb video file, and posted it to Youtube.
It took 2 hours to film, and then about 2 more hours to upload, before YouTube spent another couple of hours decoding it, before finally deciding that they weren't going to bother showing it in HD.
So, rather than go through all that, and waste another entire day trying to sort it out, I'll just post the annoyingly blurry crap that YouTube have left me with.
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Daily Blog
28th March 2009  
Uno's a card game, Connect 4's a board game, Battleship's a board game.
Who the f'k are you kidding Microsoft?
See "Wii Virtual Console : Arcade" for further details.
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Daily Blog
27th March 2009  
As game time progresses, so do the many bugs that appear!
With sprites drawing WAY out of bounds, and memory being messed up all over, there's chaos in the game.
But a few tweaks here and there, and everything's coming together nicely!
Another slight issue, though, cropped up suddenly.
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
24th March 2009  
A long forgotten game gets a remake today.
Platfire was originally made, way way back in Wednesday Workshop #2!!
To be fair, #1's probably the better game, style wise. (As in, it wasn't rushed within a few hours, since yesterday!!)
But Platfire 2 is in the "It's super hard, and you won't get much of a score" style that I seem to be leaching onto, these days.
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23rd March 2009  
Game 3 needed a few tweaks, here and there, this morning.
Mostly due to the controls being a little twitchy.
Plus, something's missing.
And annoyingly, it's becoming increasingly apparent that the missing something is indeed Ingame Music!
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
22nd March 2009  
With more tweaking than my head could stand, I finally got Game #2 wrapped up yesterday, so I'm finally starting on Game #3, today.
As stated previously, Game #3 will be reusing quite a lot of the core engine that Game #2 used, so it should be short and sweet putting it all together, like some kind of coded jigsaw puzzle.
Once that's done, Game #4's ready to get going (ie, I have a vague idea in my head!) and will also be coded in Blitz for this week's AGameAWeek, so watch out fo...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
21st March 2009  
Off and on, a bit at a time, the past few days, what with the DIY, and the AGameAWeek, and the Socoder work the past few days.. So, rather than call 10 minute sessions a day at a time, I'll call them a great big long "Popping in and out, looking at the code, struggling to figure out what's wrong, and then going to do something else instead" day.
It's a cheat, but since the annoying issue is still there, it still counts!
I'm stuck on Game #2.
And it's annoying that I'...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
17th March 2009  
A nice quicky, this week.
Having spent most of the week doing DIY, sorting out Socoder, and occasionally working on PRC2 when I get a chance, I've not had much time for a game, this week..
So, I did what all frantic coders do.
I threw loads of colour on the screen, and hid the fact that I haven't done much work this week
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13th March 2009  
BAH!! DS Coding is annoying!!
Techy stuff inside..

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Platdude Retro Collection 2
11th March 2009  
Another morning complaining to GoDaddy. They didn't know what was up, so I sorted it out myself.
Silly GoDaddy.
Problem solved, eventually, but with no time left for any Game work today..
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Daily Blog
10th March 2009  
Game #2's turning out quite well, except it'll probably need to be taken down a peg or two.
Currently it's, shall we say, a little psychedelic!
And, that's only amplified once it gets onto the blurry DS screen!
Lots of motion + lots of colour = lots of Weeeeeeee!!!
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
10th March 2009  
Just a nice simple game this week, mostly done after my shouting at Worms, earlier this week..
It's nothing fancy, as I've been short on time, but.. We'll call it a Start.!

Ship Flinging!
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9th March 2009  
This morning I started a bit more work on this week's AGameAWeek. (Tomorrow! eek!!)
And then I thought to myself "Why don't I finish off that new Showcase design for Socoder.. Should only take about 10 minutes".
It didn't take 10 minutes.
Instead, it took all day!
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Daily Blog
8th March 2009  
Game #1, Sokoban, required a nice scrolling tilemap, of infinite size. I spent a couple of days getting that all up and running, so that it'll do for other games, too.
But today, Game #2, Surprise!, required a different type of map.
Game #2 needs a wraparound map, so you can move from one side to the other, and carry on in a continuous loop.
This means that as well as drawing tiles where they're meant to be, on the DS's 512x512 pixel Background Layer, I also have to draw tiles...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
6th March 2009  
I just paid 400 points for Worms on X360.
What the hey, right?! It's Worms... What could possibly go wrong!?!
Well, aside from the things I ranted about, on the original DS version, a long while ago..
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6th March 2009  
Bug fixes already! Oh dear!
Sokoban had a bizarre map limit bug, whereby if you were off the left hand side of a small map, it freaked out, and the screen jiggled around like crazy..
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
4th March 2009  
I'm still building up the basic reusable map functions!
Had some crazy memory issues, yesterday, but everything seems ok, this morning, so it's time to move from silly map things, to actually building the game up.
Starting with a strange grouping of maptiles, I'm going to have to add crates, and a player, and get the movement up and running.
It should be pretty easy to do, though, as all the arts ready and waiting.
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
3rd March 2009  
Yeah, I figured I'd forgotten a few things, and as Sokoban gets built up, slowly but surely, all the forgotten things are poking their heads out, waiting to be sorted.
Click inside for coder-heavy stuff.. or just grab Sokoban from earlier today and play that for a while!!

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Platdude Retro Collection 2
3rd March 2009  
As mentioned the other day, whilst sorting out all the PRC2 stuff, I first created Sokoban for windows, using Blitz.
So here it is.
Nothing special.

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Platdude Retro Collection 2
2nd March 2009  
Yesterday was spent getting Sokoban to work in BlitzBasic for Windows. It ended up reasonably well, but there's a few things that should be tweaked, including one persons complaint that bundling all 600+ levels into a single pack kinda kills the fun of it.. A dull trek through a long list of simple levels before you even touch on the slightly more difficult levels, does not a fun game make.
So, I'll split them back up into their seperate packs, and give folk a nice selectable menu system.
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
1st March 2009  
I'm yet to start coding anything gamewise, yet, but I've made my first start on the first game.
Gerinych over at GBATemp suggested a Sokoban clone.
Usually, I avoid Sokobans. They're kinda dull, generic and boring after 5 seconds, but there's something in Sokoban that's really useful right now.
Sokoban has a LOT of levels, and since one of the Socoder members (JL235) is making his own Sokoban clone, he knew where I'd find a whole big bunch of levels for it.
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
27th February 2009  
This time around, every game will have it's own quickly made titlescreen.
Not wanting to spend too much time doing each one, I figured I'd get away with doing NES style titles. They're simple, but effective.
I'm deciding all this, now, because it's so much easier than having to frantically throw it all together, later on, with 10 or so games all needing to be worked out!
So, the style right now is, Title of game at the top, highscores below, and "Press Start" below tha...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
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