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  25th March, 2010
NMcCoy's made a nice "experimental" game, this week. He suggests that "Squidfold may or may not be about anything." and that's a really nice way to sum up a game!

A cracking little game, and a good addition to his list.
But is it the "algorithm-intense" game he'd been working on for the past couple of weeks?
I'd guess.. quite possibly, yeah!

|Edit| A link might help!! D'oh! |Edit|
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Daily Blog
  25th March, 2010
First up, this week's game will be Blockman in a Mario Costume. Greenie looked great in his costume, but he's a lost cause, and I'm moving on.

Blockman will return to his original Flicky style gameplay, with the Mario Costume acting as a power up to give him an amazing new ability! Combo scores aplenty!

After that, we're done with Mar10, so I can start playing with fresh, original, and fantastically new ideas..
Speaking of which, Tetripong is apparently needed on the DS, so that'll probably be my first fresh, original and fantastically new idea!

I'm already playing around with the JNKPlat idea in my head. I can't imagine that'll be quick to appear, but whilst that's all going on I'll have time to do random little games.

No idea what they'll be! Could be anything, really!

The Suggestion box is waiting!
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Daily Blog
  23rd March, 2010

This week I've been ill, and between website tweaks, and lying in bed half-dead, I've not really had time to get anything done.
This morning, I managed to wake up, and was bright and alert.
I figured it was probably a good chance to get something done, so I grabbed the half-assed sprites, popped them into an engine, and got them running in a right facing direction.
Adding random pipes, and the ability to jump over them, I'd made a 1980's style Waggler Hurdles type game.. You know, the ones that really knacker your joysticks!!

After approximately 10 seconds of gameplay, waggling and jumping became as boring as you'd expect it to be, and it's at this point that I'm struggling to come up with anything else.
I could add things to Idigidragon, make him throw flames at Greenie, make Greenie collect items as he goes, but .. meh..
Game fail..

Rather than fiddle around with things, trying desperately to get them to work, we'll instead call this week a fail, and move on.

It's a shame, and it does ruin the whole "MAR10 Month", which is a bummer.

I'll try not to sleep as much, next week!!
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Daily Blog
  21st March, 2010

This week I've been doing a lot of background work over at Socoder.
There's been a heck of a lot of unseen features added, along with a couple of noticable, but not noticed, additions as well.

I guess i've been in a php mood, more than a game-making one.

As a result, I've actually yet to even begin writing this week's game, although I have drawn a few nice sprites, and am looking forward to getting this one done.

No matter, there's another whole day before Tuesday, and I've certainly managed this before..

It's time for Jay's "homework on the back of the bus" mode to kick in!!

Tuesday : Greenie in a Mario Costume!
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Daily Blog
  18th March, 2010
Yesterday I mistakenly posted last week's game.
Today I post this weeks!

NMcCoy's been working on AGameAWeek of his own, for the past 8 weeks.
Lately he's stumbled upon a bigger idea which is taking a while, but is still managing to throw out smaller games, to keep up his ratio.
That's the way to do it!!

Go McCoy!

You can play Redivider on his site. It's Java based, so you can play it on his site.
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Daily Blog
  18th March, 2010
August 26th 2009
That's the last time I did a Mailbag post!

Blinkin' eck!

Over the past 6/7 months, I've occasionally dipped into the mailbag and plucked out little snippets, but I figured it was about time I did a proper one.
A few of these have already been posted, but there's a whole batch of new ideas here.

Let's go!!! (There's a lot!!)Read More
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Daily Blog
  17th March, 2010
I've been meaning to start mentioning McCoy's AGameAWeek games for a few weeks, now, but am usually too busy on a Wednesday to think about it. D'oh!!

No matter... Today I'm at work, and have incredibly managed to remember, so here's this weeks.

Avoid Spikes is one of those "uhoh!" games that regulars here will be all too familiar with.
They usually occur when you've spent too long on a project, and would rather it wasn't rushed, so you quickly bang together something else in the meantime!

Not a bad game, given the circumstances!!

He's also developed 6 other weekly games, so far, and appears to be doing this properly! Good for him! Let's hope he keeps it up!!

and I've just realised that's last week's game!! I'll post again once he's updated! Silly me!
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Daily Blog
  16th March, 2010
A great little platformer, this week, albeit one without an end!

Well, there is an end, but I'm not 100% sure anyone will reach it. Having said that, I'm probably not the world's best person to ask about that. I suck at playing!


Read More
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  15th March, 2010
On Tuesday I'll be posting the last of my planned Mar10 games, and it's going to be a wild ride to see what oddities appear for the next couple of weeks.
After that I've got the whole JNKPlat10 to do, but that'll probably be more of a background thing.

In the meantime, I'd like your game ideas, and what better place to pop them, than into our ever-present Suggestion Box, over on the right.

I'll peek inside the spam filled mass of suggestions once I've posted this game, and try to dig out any recent suggestions.
I used to do weekly mailbag posts, but the ideas kinda dried up! Let's give that another whirl, shall we?!

If you've any suggestions/game ideas/anything else, let them be known!!
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Daily Blog
  15th March, 2010
As most of you know, I'm a bit crap at designing levels. I tend to leave that kind of thing to random generators, or other people!
Today I'm designing a level, and it's taking AGES!
It's already 10 o'clock, I've been at it for about 2 hours, and I've managed to make about 1/8th of a level.
That's 1/4 of it done, for those counting!
It's nice and filled, though, with plenty of bits and pieces to keep you hunting around.

A couple of neat little add-ons, this morning, though. They've been added to keep things interesting, and yet.. again.. I'm only 1/4 way through!

God only knows what kind of random chaos I'll be trying to add in by the time I get to the other side of the level!
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Daily Blog
  14th March, 2010
I've got the basics down, and am now working on getting a nice big level to play.
At first I was going to build a bunch of levels.. But.. um.. Time is of the essence, and all!

This little screen resembles about 1% of the total level area, and it's proving a wee bit tricky to fill the whole thing in!!
Probably should've gone for something smaller..
Never mind!!

I was also going to give munky all manner of wonderful little moves, but..
.. That's not happened!

Never mind. It's fun to play as it is!

Tuesday : Munky in a Mario Costume
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Daily Blog
  12th March, 2010
It's already the fourth day of making Munky Mario, and yet I've hardly got anything going. Yikes!
Munky runs and jumps and falls around the level, but there are no real obstacles or other gameplay elements yet.
Lots to do, and with the realisation that Sunday is Mother's Day, I've one day less to get it all done.


No matter, all I need to do is build a few little objects and then start making some levels for it all.

...... Uhoh!
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Daily Blog
  10th March, 2010
This week, Munky in a Mario Costume.
Next week, possibly Blockman in a Mario Costume.
Third week, I should probably do Greenie in a Mario Costume, but that's more 'cos he'd look funny, than for any gameplay reasons!

That brings us to April, and with my head spinning with ideas about "The BIG JNKPlat game", I'm not sure if I really want to attempt that.
Read More
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Daily Blog
  10th March, 2010
Ever since I came up with this whole MAR10 Costume idea, I've had three games in mind.

1. Ted Bob was a great game, and needed an update. By making it More Mario, I could easily add extra bits into the mix.
Job done, turned out nicely.

2. "Monsters Upside Your Head" played bizarrely, but nicely! Redoing that in DK style seemed obvious, but didn't quite turn out exactly as expected.
Job attempted, didn't turn out so great.

3. Munky running around with a Mario Costume on..
I'll be honest, this is just a silly image, but the idea of taking the Bowser-Castle levels from the original SMB, and replacing mario with a space munky!? Hey, that's good gaming, right there!!
Not sure entirely how this game's going to turn out, but I'll try my best.

Today, I draw a munky...

The next couple of weeks, though, are a bit of a blank.
I have 2 more Tuesdays to go, a whole batch of characters to play with, but I'm already running short on obvious ideas.
I'd love to see Greenie in a Mario Costume, but what would that play like?
And what about Blockman? Trying to mesh together Pacman and Mario almost makes no sense at all.


Oh, and Platdude already had a Mario costume in JNKPlat 07..

Result : Platdude in a Mario Costume feels very very wrong, given Platdude's control method!
And, I just spent about 20 minutes playing that, so.. Go have a play!
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Daily Blog
  9th March, 2010
Download Ace Paceman here.
Week two of our fantastic little MAR10 quest sees an old obscure character, from This game, whose name was quickly thought up by Spinal, over at Socoder. (He's the guy that made DSision, for the DS!)
Thanks Spinal!!

From this...

To this...

A nice little tweak, methinks.
Although, if I'm honest, this game could've been better.
It's another case of "Ran out of steam", whereby the idea seemed more fun than the actual game.
Oh well, never mind.

The game's still great to play.

You can download the game from The Jayenkai Archive, where it's available for both Windows and Linux.
And don't forget your DVD case!!!


AGAW Scoring : 28 weeks, 35 games, still more to go and thankfully I'm still ahead!

Framework Updates

1. Bitch mode is now included.
2. Linux Fullscreen should work!!
3. Many forgotten tweaks!
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  8th March, 2010
A bit of a chore, this week, to be honest.
I started on a game, expecting it to be nice and fun, but it's not really been all that great.
Instead it's been one of those "By the numbers" type things, and there's not really anything special about it, at all..

Aww well, not to worry, it's still a game!

Tuesday : Ace Paceman vs fireballs and spikes in a nice simple DK-inspired runaround.
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Daily Blog
  7th March, 2010
Moving from DS to iPod Touch has been a decent improvement, but.. boy, do I miss having buttons!!
There's also a fair few other little bits and pieces that aren't quite right.
WordJong, for starters, is only about 1/10th of the game it was on the DS, And, what's up with the audio, it's like something keeps messing with the sounds on the thing.
I dunno..
It's odd.

But there's one thing that I miss most of all. And that's ZooKeeper.
Sure, the iPod has Bejeweled, but it's just not the same.
ZooKeeper had that wonderful frantic nature, where you could shuffle two pieces, then shuffle two more, then more, and more, and keep the combo-chain going for AGES, whilst the game whittled away in the background trying to keep up.
I LOVED that.
Massive chains created by you, not by the somewhat random nature of falling blocks.

Then there were the challenges, too.
Trying to beat all those silly little rules, like catching 10 tigers without any other animals, and things like that.
They kept the game playable.

I much preferred ZooKeeper.
It was so much better.
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Daily Blog
  5th March, 2010
I don't usually repost this here, but. What the hey!

Sign up, it's fun, and weekly, and written!!

Socoder Newsletter

"Best viewed in Peiplum"

#045 - 5th March 2010


Hello all

The worst thing about writing AGameAWeek is that

horrible lack of feedback.

If you spend 6 months writing a game, and get only

one bit of feedback, that's enough to depress you.

If you write a game a week, you also get very little

feedback, except the lack of feedback happens every

single week!

You write a game, nobody cares, rinse repeat.

If I wasn't already nuts, this'd quite easily send

me over the edge!

Currently Listening To...

Old Amiga Mods!

In the Workshop

Your last remaining life..


In the Shoutbox..

Onions, Castles and Days of David.

In the Mudchat





and not bothering..

Join in, it's occasionally fun!

Read More
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Daily Blog
  4th March, 2010
Oh dear, I'm WAY behind, this week.
I spent most of yesterday doing odd little bits of behind-the-scene Socoder stuff, so I'm a wee bit behind.
Then, today, something that should've been a 10 minute job ended up taking AGES to do!
I hate things like that!
Not to worry, though. Our main character is drawn, and he now has a fantastic Mario costume to wear.

He's even been given the name "Ace Paceman", by Spinal, over at Socoder. Because, for one reason or another, he never really had one before.
It's a nice name, and it'll do for the job.

Tuesday : "Ace Paceman in a Mario Costume"


Disclaimer : I know that Ace Paceman isn't that recognisable as one of my main characters, (he didn't even have a name until yesterday!) but this time I'm going for "style of gameplay" over "silly chr in a Mario costume". In my head this is quite a playable little fun repeatable game, and hopefully it turns out to play just as nicely.
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Daily Blog
  2nd March, 2010
And so it begins.... A whole month of MAR10 games, featuring your favourite (or not) Jayenkai characters, all dressed up like Mario! Hurray!

Ted Bob in a Mario Costume

Taking the character, and the gameplay, straight from Three French Hens, I've upped the stakes, upped the hens, and even added....


but you'll need a friend for that!

Both control sets are in the Tab-Options, Down doesn't do anything (but was needed for the menu!) and Jump and Up will do the same thing, so feel free to take up either side of the keyboard so you can play against each other nicely...

Of course, it's entirely playable on your own, too. There are 3 difficulties, changing the number of available jumps, and the number of hens, although it does get pretty tricky in hard mode!

There's pickups, too! Yeay!
I'll let you figure out what those do.. They're not too hard to figure out.

Downloads are available in the Archive

You can grab the Windows version, the Linux version, or even the DVD Case!

Oh, and although I did turn off the "Debug info" thing for future games, I appear to have forgotten to do it here! Tap F12 and it turns off all the nasty numbers!


AGAW Scoring : 27 weeks, 34 games. Still up, but my lead's getting shorter!
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