The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  22nd November, 2018
Buying cheap tablets,
for testing my games.
Apparently have issues,
That make some things lame.
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  21st November, 2018
Exhausted and tired,
A day without code.
I sit and play games,
While in Lazy Jay mode.
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  20th November, 2018
A lot of things are broken.
My plans don't seem to work.
I think I'll scrap a lot of code,
And quench the bugs that lurk.
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  19th November, 2018
I switched my focus, late last night.
From puzzle games, to Plat.
Making levels, fresh and new,
And other things like that.
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  18th November, 2018
Tweaking the values,
making it better.
As I zoom into the number,
And scroll all the letters.
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  17th November, 2018
Making a website for puzzles,
Is a puzzle all of its own.
Tweaking the numbers and scaling,
So people can play on their phone.
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  16th November, 2018
The doodles are working,
But now come the part,
Where I need to add scrolling.
The fear fills my heart.
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  15th November, 2018
Oodles of Noodles are sat in my room.
Preparing themselves to be eaten.
I'll boil the kettle, then pick up a fork,
'Cos chopsticks have gotten me beaten.
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  14th November, 2018
The puzzle of puzzles is puzzling.
As I try to come up with new games.
Ideas that would work on computer,
Are not great when just paper's your aim.
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  13th November, 2018
So many thoughts,
So many ideas.
My to-do list games,
Will go on for years.
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  12th November, 2018
My framework needs improving,
To fix my games on Mac.
Delete the code and break it all,
Then start to tweak it back.
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  11th November, 2018
Although the task is over,
There's still things yet to fix.
It seems some parts are broken.
So I'll have to tweak some bits.
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  10th November, 2018
Starting the plan, once again.
It didn't go well, yesterday.
Things will go better, I hope.
It couldn't be worse, anyway.
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  9th November, 2018
The game's almost ready,
It's time to compile.
Preparing the uploads,
Of all the zip files.
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  8th November, 2018
Nothing to grip,
As you're floating through space.
A quick handy tip.
Don't let bugs eat your face.
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  7th November, 2018
Time to start another book,
But which one will I read?
A giant pile of paperback gifts,
That's grown quite high indeed.
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  6th November, 2018
Getting to grips with the things that I must.
Without other games to be worried of.
I still feel that maybe I'm failing a bit,
But at least the new Plat will be finished off.
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  5th November, 2018
Feeling quite tired,
But sitting, awake.
I'm coding past midnight.
How long will it take?
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  4th November, 2018
Bangs and Pops,
Amazing sound.
As fireworks blast off,
Skyward bound.
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  3rd November, 2018
Enough of this silliness.
The coder proclaimed.
It's time to get focused,
And finish the game!
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