The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  27th July, 2018
Waiting for a parcel.
When will it be here?
Some time today,
Or maybe next year.
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  26th July, 2018
It's starting to feel like the code is a game,
As I struggle to fit in the tiles.
At least now I know that my framework is stable,
It's certainly taken a while.
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  25th July, 2018
I'm trying hard to cope,
But this week seems out of control.
With lots of little things to do,
I hope I can manage them all.
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  24th July, 2018
Starting on another game,
I firmly push ahead.
The number's down from normal,
But the quality's not dead.
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  23rd July, 2018
Instead of failing, like in the past.
I tried to use my Mac, at last.
The tool was swift and worked as asked.
The video encoded fast.
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  22nd July, 2018
I like when there's bug reports,
That sort of thing.
Lots of errors need fixing...
Feedback is King!
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  21st July, 2018
Time, it flows much faster,
When you've many things to do.
A never ending deadline,
Which is always pushing you.
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  20th July, 2018
Woke up at 4 o'clock,
By now I'm rather tired.
I think I'll head back to my bed,
To sleep as I desired.
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  19th July, 2018
Taking your time to do everything right.
But the passage of time is much quicker.
You've only done one thing, but should've done four.
Your todo list's now ten times as thicker.
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  18th July, 2018
Every day I need to fix,
The bugs that lurk within.
The broken thing that need a tweak,
Are filling up my bin.
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  17th July, 2018
Posting the games, all around, through the web,
There's hurdles to jump and avoid.
I try lots of methods to speed it all up,
But they break, and that makes me annoyed.
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  16th July, 2018
A day of chaos starts again,
The coding is complete.
But now to post, around the world,
The game I've made this week.
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  15th July, 2018
Another day of tricky stuff,
To make the game work well.
It still is not yet difficult.
Can't seem to make things gel.
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  14th July, 2018
In the house it's cooling down.
Outside, the rain is pouring.
I had a nice big sleep, last night.
So much that I was snoring.
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  13th July, 2018
A cat and a dead mouse.
A tale old as time.
The mouse, just a stuffed toy..
It's no less of a crime.
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  12th July, 2018
It's not as warm as yesterday,
The heat no longer burns.
The clouds have come to bring the rain.
British summer returns.
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  11th July, 2018
Awakened by the sound of Hyenas,
As they cackle wildly in the street.
Neighbours who chatter like gossiping geese,
Endlessly with whoever they meet.
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  10th July, 2018
Jiggling menus again and again,
Trying to find one that's right.
I hope I come up with an answer quite fast,
And it won't end up taking all night.
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  9th July, 2018
A busy weekend.
In need of a nap.
I'm blogging away,
While feeling like crap.
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  8th July, 2018
One single tiny chocolate.
A treat that I had ate.
It went down rather nicely,
But the migraine wasn't great.
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