The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  12th December, 2018
Every day it's just the same,
Sitting in my chair again.
Choosing sprites to fit the aim.
Preparing code to make the game.
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  11th December, 2018
One bug is fixed,
But more will appear.
Chaos ensues.
It's worse than you fear!
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  10th December, 2018
The cat is yelling.
It's half past four.
Waking me up,
To feed her more.
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  9th December, 2018
I smash with the stick,
And then bash with the buttons.
My skills in this game,
Are not yet forgotten.
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  8th December, 2018
Rearranging all the room,
To put up festive decor.
But watch your step from having dropped,
The pins upon the floor.
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  7th December, 2018
Hide all of the presents under the tree.
Throw last year's crap socks in the trash.
Settle with family, friends, and your pets.
Then grab a controller for Smash!
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  6th December, 2018
Tonight is the night.
Prepare all your cash.
To throw at the screen,
So you can play Smash.
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  5th December, 2018
When will I ever realise.
The coding never ends.
No matter what I do,
There's still broken things to mend.
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  4th December, 2018
Days of Christmas counting down,
And things are getting festive.
We dangle baubles on the trees,
From places quite suggestive.
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  3rd December, 2018
The days pass by,
Like flying paper in the wind.
Fluttering past my face,
As another new project gets binned.
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  2nd December, 2018
The advent ideas are drying up.
As creative as I am.
Today is just the second day,
I need to make a plan.
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  1st December, 2018
A month of content.
What's in store?
Some things I've probably,
Posted before.
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  30th November, 2018
Starting the whole thing again,
From scratch.
It seems to be turning out better,
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  28th November, 2018
Wide awake at midnight.
Tapping at the keys.
Music in my headphones,
Loud as I might please.
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  28th November, 2018
The cat's sat on the windowsill.
Staring at a bird.
Trying to chirp away to it,
And looking quite absurd.
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  27th November, 2018
Another word game in the mix,
I really love to make them.
And in between the coding,
Find time that I can play them.
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  26th November, 2018
Coughing a lot.
The flu's still not gone.
But I power on through,
And keep coding on.
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  25th November, 2018
A big giant folder.
Games mostly unfinished.
I might just reuse them,
My time has diminished.
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  24th November, 2018
I list the things I've yet to do,
The list goes on and on.
I check one off, but not enough,
I've barely yet begun.
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  23rd November, 2018
Trying to focus. There's so much to make.
Wondering which direction to take.
Planning ahead, but plans always break.
I might just sit down and eat lots of cake.
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