The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  29th December, 2018
My sister dropped her phone, last night.
The screen is now corrupted.
But when I try to backup,
My computer can't be trusted.
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  28th December, 2018
Sitting and coding,
And drawing my doodles.
I wonder what's next,
As I eat slurp up my noodles.
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  27th December, 2018
Festivities over,
It's back to the coding.
With typing so frantic,
The keys are exploding!
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  26th December, 2018
Reopen the laptop.
Ready keys to tap.
But before any coding,
I'm off for a nap.
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  24th December, 2018
Merry Christmas, Everyone.
I hope your day is grand.
That everything is cheerful,
And it all goes as you'd planned.
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  24th December, 2018
The Zombies are sat round the table again,
To feast on whatever remains.
There's finger food nibbles, a cake made of nuts,
And some gravy to go with their BRAAAIINS!!
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  23rd December, 2018
Footprints outside, layed in the snow,
Leading to a large pile of presents.
But the door is locked and you're staying inside,
Where a warm cosy blanket makes more sense.
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  22nd December, 2018
Juggling all the tasks again,
New content and amends.
So many things to do.
The chaos never ends.
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  21st December, 2018
I'm wondering what to do next,
But a thought isn't popping to mind.
I'd love to make something remarkable.
But I'm not sure of what sort of kind.
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  20th December, 2018
Maybe the game is too simple.
Or maybe the game is quite tough.
It's never an obvious thing to the dev,
When they've played the game plenty enough.
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  19th December, 2018
Daily creations.
Although it is fun,
I'm certainly glad that,
Advent's nearly done.
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  18th December, 2018
It isn't perfect,
But does the trick.
Converting pictures,
Rather quick.
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  17th December, 2018
Hacking away at bits and bytes,
To build my own content.
It might be a cheat, and lazily done,
But it achieves the goal I meant.
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  16th December, 2018
The postman arrives.
Is there anything better,
Than the joy of receiving,
A gift or a letter.
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  15th December, 2018
Struggling for time,
With so much to do.
There's still quite a list,
And the month's halfway through.
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  14th December, 2018
Working on a game.
And taking it far.
Don't be scared to abandon it,
Wherever you are.
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  13th December, 2018
I realise too late.
The game is quite broken.
Late night bug fixing,
No sleep once awoken.
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  12th December, 2018
Every day it's just the same,
Sitting in my chair again.
Choosing sprites to fit the aim.
Preparing code to make the game.
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  11th December, 2018
One bug is fixed,
But more will appear.
Chaos ensues.
It's worse than you fear!
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  10th December, 2018
The cat is yelling.
It's half past four.
Waking me up,
To feed her more.
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