The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  12th November, 2018
My framework needs improving,
To fix my games on Mac.
Delete the code and break it all,
Then start to tweak it back.
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  11th November, 2018
Although the task is over,
There's still things yet to fix.
It seems some parts are broken.
So I'll have to tweak some bits.
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  10th November, 2018
Starting the plan, once again.
It didn't go well, yesterday.
Things will go better, I hope.
It couldn't be worse, anyway.
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  9th November, 2018
The game's almost ready,
It's time to compile.
Preparing the uploads,
Of all the zip files.
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  8th November, 2018
Nothing to grip,
As you're floating through space.
A quick handy tip.
Don't let bugs eat your face.
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  7th November, 2018
Time to start another book,
But which one will I read?
A giant pile of paperback gifts,
That's grown quite high indeed.
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  6th November, 2018
Getting to grips with the things that I must.
Without other games to be worried of.
I still feel that maybe I'm failing a bit,
But at least the new Plat will be finished off.
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  5th November, 2018
Feeling quite tired,
But sitting, awake.
I'm coding past midnight.
How long will it take?
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  4th November, 2018
Bangs and Pops,
Amazing sound.
As fireworks blast off,
Skyward bound.
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  3rd November, 2018
Enough of this silliness.
The coder proclaimed.
It's time to get focused,
And finish the game!
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  2nd November, 2018
Rejigging again,
There's lots to fix.
As I fiddle around,
With the memory mix.
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  1st November, 2018
A bucket full of sweets,
Which the kids didn't take.
Halloween's over,
And the sweets taste great.
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  31st October, 2018
Spooky Day is here again,
So grab a pile of sweets.
Then hand them out to all the kids,
Who come to trick or treat.
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  30th October, 2018
Juggling too much.
They're all falling flat.
I think I'll just focus,
And finish my Plat.
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  29th October, 2018
My mind is running all over the place.
With so many tasks to complete.
And yet I'm piling on even more.
Like I'm some kind of typing athlete.
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  28th October, 2018
I tweaked at the settings late at night.
To get the poor server to work right.
But then in the morning, before even yawning,
I realised that Bing had a big fight.
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  27th October, 2018
Sleepy and Tired,
I slept through the night.
I hope that this morning,
I'm feeling alright.
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  26th October, 2018
This morning, a day out. A journey through rain.
With a doctor's appointment to keep.
He'll stab at my arm, taking blood from my vein,
And then ask me to come back next week.
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  25th October, 2018
As I continue to code,
The games come together.
But there's always more games.
I'll be coding forever.
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  24th October, 2018
The things that I've done,
Which can't yet be played,
Are numbering quickly.
I'm rather dismayed.
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