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30th July 2020  
Platdude's car is ready for a race. Battle for first place along a myriad of tracks.
How fast can you go!?
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Car , Racing , Race , Track
23rd July 2020  
Munky's Train is off again, and all the birds are flying.
Destroy the birds with toots of smoke, and rockets, without trying.
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Munky , Space Monkey , Train
16th July 2020  
Looma's found a rich underground area full of shining gems.
Use your explosives to reach them, but watch out for the boulders, which might end up crushing you.
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9th July 2020  
Guide the wiggly worm through the maze of blocks, and eat up as many dots as you can. Earn combo points by getting a super-long tail.
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2nd July 2020  
Run through the maze and try to collect as many coins as you can. There's a second Seeker doing the same (either AI or a second player) who will attempt to quash your attempts at a high score.

Hunt for success!
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Maze , Collect , Multiplayer
25th June 2020  
The ants are in formation, and the ball has been prepared.
Kick for Success!
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Sports , Football
18th June 2020  
Dinkly's having a terrible nightmare.
Keep the evil ants at bay using your extreme QTE-based reflexes.
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Dog , Ants
11th June 2020  
Guide the hopper over the clouds, whilst avoiding the enemy birds.
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4th June 2020  
Find the treasure, scattered throughout the seas, on giant floppy disks.
Watch out for the sharks!
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Maze , Water , Underwater
28th May 2020  
Roland's popped his skates on. Help him gather up all the gems from the level, without getting himself injured.
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21st May 2020  
The hungry forks are after you.
Run, cake! Run!!
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Sheep Goes Right
14th May 2020  
Poke 5 of the tiles in order to match them up with the target grid.
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7th May 2020  
Destroy the alien invaders, but watch out for all the debris.

A game for 1 or 2 players!
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Shoot-em-up , Multiplayer
30th April 2020  
Collect all the stars around the arena within an alarmingly short time limit.
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Grappling Hook , Rope
22nd April 2020  
Hold and Release the plungers to block the evil red walkers from your house.
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16th April 2020  
Catch the falling spikes and protect the citizens.
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Mad Bomber
9th April 2020  
Guide the bugs home, over the path of spinning discs.
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Fan Of Bugs , Maze
2nd April 2020  
Blast away the evil code, and keep it away from the base.
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Matrix , Missile Command
26th March 2020  
Fight against the evil red LEDs in this one-dimensional action game.
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One Dee
19th March 2020  
Help the Pizza Delivery Agent get as much cash as possible, by delivering as many pizzas as you can.
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Vehicle , Maze
12th March 2020  
Avoid enemy birds, and boop them on their heads, as you try to round up all the eggs.
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Joust , Buzzard Bait , Ostriches
5th March 2020  
Leap your way around the globe, gathering up all the blue dots as you go.
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Painter , Maze , Oh Mummy
25th February 2020  
Blast away the enemies, and help the Ranger keep the forest tidy.
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Shoot-em-up , Horizontal Scroller
20th February 2020  
Speed through the rainbow road, blasting anything that gets in your way.
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13th February 2020  
Help Froggy gather up the stars using a mysteriously magical hat.
Watch out for those Space Munkies!
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Frog , Munky , Forest
6th February 2020  
Guide Springy around the maze, and gather up as many coins as you can.
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Platform , Mario
30th January 2020  
Defeat the enemies, and steal their energy, to keep yourself alive.
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Space , Shoot-em-up , Jetpac
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