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9th January 2021  
Ooops! With all the chaos of browser-based silliness, I forgot to start the next SmileBASIC game!!

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Daily Blog , Catchup
8th January 2021  
Fly through the maze of spikes, landing on all the platforms along the way.
A traditional Flapping game, with more spikes than you can shake a beak at.
You can Play Flappadiddle in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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8th January 2021  
Have to faff about, scaling the icon and title card for this week's new game.

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Daily Blog , Faffing About
7th January 2021  
Additional Music tweaking, last night, with a fairly competent result!

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Daily Blog , Jmtrackr
6th January 2021  
Had a play with some music code, today.

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6th January 2021  
I've been continuing my experiments with a future form of JMTrackr.

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Daily Blog , Jmtrackr
5th January 2021  
Boy, yesterday wasn't easy!!

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Daily Blog , Macos
4th January 2021  
The sweeties have been scattered throughout the world. Eat them all up, and smile!
If you've a Switch and SmileBASIC, you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key


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Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4 , Release
4th January 2021  
Looks like Game #1 is ready to go.

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Daily Blog , Preparations
3rd January 2021  
Yesterday wasn't a very productive code day..

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Daily Blog , Musical
2nd January 2021  
I started on a SmileBASIC game, yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Keyboard Gymnastics
1st January 2021  
I've been trying to decide on what schedule might work best for this year.

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Daily Blog , Planning
31st December 2020  
Goodbye, evil 2020!
We won't miss you.
I hope you all have a great new year.
Goodness knows, it can't be any worse.

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New Year
31st December 2020  
Oh dear.. I'd better not get hung up on this, like I did with the Testcards!!

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
30th December 2020  
Yesterday I scrambled together the second choon for the first 2021 AL Bum.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
29th December 2020  
After my previous post. where I chose my favourite games from the year, fans have chipped in with their own thoughts on the best games of 2020.
Let's take a peek!!

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2020 Roundup
29th December 2020  
Spent most of yesterday getting Flappadiddle up and running in the Browsercade.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
28th December 2020  
I made my first ALChoon for 2021 yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Musical
27th December 2020  
From today, onwards, Foldapuz has tiny rules written at the bottom of each puzzle.

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Daily Blog , Foldapuz
26th December 2020  
Looks like that Testcard Generator might come in handy!!

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Daily Blog , Ranting And Raging
25th December 2020  
Twitter's locked all my smegging accounts.

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25th December 2020  
Wishing you all a Very Merry Xmas, at the end of what was, quite frankly, a disastrous year.

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Daily Blog , Xmas
24th December 2020  
It's Xmas. I'm allowed to be lazy!!

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Daily Blog , Lazy Jay , Thoughts
23rd December 2020  
I made another testcard, yesterday.

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Daily Blog
22nd December 2020  
Testcard "Diamond" (for lack of a better name) is now part of the generator.

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Daily Blog , Testcard , Preparations
21st December 2020  

Alan writes

Possibly others have alerted you to this already.
Since you write a lot of "choons", I thought of JNK when I saw this:

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Daily Blog , Feedback
20th December 2020  
Yesterday's new/old testcard is called "Picasso".

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Daily Blog , Testcard
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