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6th July 2022  
The Gameboy Greenie Game is kinda the same as RetroRaider, and I don't want it to be.

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Daily Blog , Juggling
5th July 2022  
Just to keep myself a little more occupied, I've decided to throw a GotoJSE game into the mix.

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Daily Blog , Upcoming
4th July 2022  
As I sat trying to come up with a Dragon Game for Shoebox, my mind drifted, and .. nothing got done.

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Daily Blog , Nothing Done
3rd July 2022  
OpenAI's Playground is a wonderful thing.

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Daily Blog , Openai
2nd July 2022  
Spent a ton of time playing with Ableton again, yesterday, learning a few tips and tricks.

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Daily Blog , Ableton
1st July 2022  
Rather than drawing Aliens, yesterday, I spent the day doing the monotonous task of drawing walls.

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Daily Blog , Smilebasic
30th June 2022  
Right then, first Monthly Switch game.. Time to get drawing!

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Daily Blog , Smilebasic
29th June 2022  
RetroRaider seems to be fairly popular amongst the players on the site!
All one of them!

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Daily Blog , Player Thoughts
28th June 2022  
Finding herself in another retro jungle, help Laura Plat discover the curiously colourful geometric artefacts.
You can Play RetroRaider in the Browsercade, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Browsercade , Release
28th June 2022  
Awww, I need to add sounds.

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Daily Blog , Retroraider
27th June 2022  
I tried coding yesterday, but it wasn't very fruitful.
Instead, then... Music stuff.

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Daily Blog , Music
26th June 2022  
Took a good hour or so shuffling wires and tech around on the shelves yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Tech
25th June 2022  

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Daily Blog , Waffling
24th June 2022  
See how much quicker a game comes together when you know what the heck you're doing!?

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
23rd June 2022  
Well, if I'm not doing an Amiga edition, the least I can do is a nice Browsercade one, right!?

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Daily Blog , New Plan
22nd June 2022  
Oh, man, RetroRaider-Amiga definitely wasn't a good idea..

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22nd June 2022  
Finally arriving far too late, Paramount Plus is now available in the UK.

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Daily Blog , Lazy Jay
21st June 2022  
Good grief, how hard is it to get the colours working on RetroRaider!?!
... Stupidly hard, that's how hard!

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Daily Blog , Amigaaaargh
20th June 2022  
Yesterday just kinda sailed away from me. Not really sure where it went, if I'm honest!!

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Daily Blog
19th June 2022  
Right then, let's prepare for a new "season" of AGameAWeek, shall we?

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Daily Blog , Readying
18th June 2022  
Played a bit of Turtles : Shredder's Revenge yesterday.
My thoughts : Plays perfectly well, even via Xbox GamePass Cloud. Incredibly nostalgic, and seems like it'd be fun for a full play through, especially with other players joining in.

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Daily Blog , Playing
17th June 2022  
Latest Game : 13th June 2022 : RetroRaider
This is a complete list of my games and tools created for SmileBASIC on the Nintendo Switch.
All games can be downloaded using the SBKeys provided. Simply grab a copy of SmileBASIC from the eShop, and play along with this crazy collection of games, or alternatively, try writing your own games!
My current schedule includes making new SmileBASIC games every Friday!

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Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4 , Release
17th June 2022  
The new little USB capture dongle seems to work just fine with the Switch, but for a minor issue.

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Daily Blog , Capturing
16th June 2022  
Yesterday's todo-list consisted mostly of a big pile of Tom Scott videos that I hadn't got around to watching.

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Daily Blog
15th June 2022  
Why did that movie just release on a Wednesday!?
How could they have missed that!?

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Daily Blog
14th June 2022  
Aaah, a night off.
I didn't do anything, but also I didn't worry about having to do anything.
Gud gud gud!

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Daily Blog
13th June 2022  
It's taken me ages to wake up, this morning!!

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Daily Blog
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