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18th April 2024
Thanks to Michael Fernie for reminding me how awesome AGameAWeek is.

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Daily Blog , Planning
17th April 2024
Time for another crazy round of "Throwing BASIC code into an AI Music generator, and seeing what happens!"

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Ai , Music , Suno
17th April 2024
Help Platdude grab all the musical notes. The higher the better!
You can Play on itch.io or over on JSE.

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Jse , Release
Down Day Blog
17th April 2024
Yesterday fell into a pit of despair.

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Daily Blog , Ai
16th April 2024
Today I need to look into adding Lyrics to VidGen.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
15th April 2024
Having fun with this project, but I think I'm reaching my limits as to what lovely effects I can generate.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
14th April 2024
A couple more effects have been added to the mix.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
13th April 2024
Golly, VidGen2's coming along rather well, huh?!

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
12th April 2024
Over the past few days, I've been working on a new version of my music video generator thing.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
11th April 2024
Time for another round of "Feed the same bit of BASIC code into Suno and give it a style.

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Suno , Ai , Music
11th April 2024
The sprawling insanity of choosing a new path is insane!!!

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Daily Blog , Planning
10th April 2024
The existential crisis continues...

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Daily Blog , Chaos
9th April 2024
Suppose I have to do an animation for the ALChoon, now.

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Daily Blog , Musical
8th April 2024
Guide Foggle around the maze, one little hop at a time.
Careful not to burn!
You can Play Froggleburn at JSE

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Jse , Release
8th April 2024
I don't think this game's very good.

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Daily Blog , Blank
7th April 2024
As my mind tried to get back into gear, I'm finding it difficult to decide which of the many projects I need to do, I'm going to tackle first.

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Daily Blog , Waffle
6th April 2024
Time for another round of "Feed the same bit of code into Suno, and see what happens!"

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Playing , Ai , Suno
6th April 2024
Awww, nuts.
No more Quantum Leap?

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Daily Blog , Tv , Quantum Leap
5th April 2024
My favourite of all the modern Star Treks.
.. Oh, no, wait.. I forgot..

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Daily Blog , Star Trek
4th April 2024
"I think this week's ALChoon deserves a better animation.." was the thought behind most of yesterday's effort.

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Daily Blog , Tools
3rd April 2024
Well, it's an engine, at least..

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Daily Blog , Gamedev
2nd April 2024
Well, I didn't manage anything yesterday!
Not for trying, but everything I tried turned to mush.

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Daily Blog , Ai , Adventure
1st April 2024
Still coughing, but I think my mind's starting to get back to some sort of normality, this morning.

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Daily Blog , Waffle
31st March 2024
Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it.

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Daily Blog , Health
30th March 2024
There'll be nothing accomplished, today.

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Daily Blog
Flu'd'ed Blog
29th March 2024
I'm onto day three of a really bad flu.
(Aren't they all?!)

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Daily Blog , Flu
28th March 2024
Got an email from Michael Fernie, yesterday, asking about my plr[] array, and how I always seem to be able to keep it under control.

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Daily Blog , Gamedev
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