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  18th June, 2007
Platdude. A 16 pixel, 3 color character. Deftly defying the world of 3D models and amazing realism, in favour of good old fashioned gameplay.
Over the years, Platdude has been in plenty of games.. Here's an approximate history of Platdude, along with Downloads where appropriate. (Or skip to the bottom for the latest stuff!)

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Views 135, Upvotes 6
About , Platdude
  18th June, 2007
What do you do once a workshop's on fire?
Views 1410, Upvotes 13
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
  6th June, 2007
Protect the family from the swarm of flies
Views 1388, Upvotes 7
Duck , Quack
  6th May, 2007
Rescue all the little children and escape the many many levels.
A game with a misspelled title that doesn't care it's misspelled!
Views 2013, Upvotes 29
Remake , Action , Maze , Platformer
  3rd May, 2007
Munky is falling, so type your fastest!
Views 1434, Upvotes 24
Typing , Munky
  1st May, 2007
Get the coloured balls to their homes.
Views 1184, Upvotes 15
  15th April, 2007
Dodge the walls, pick up the boxes, ignore the dodgyness!
Views 1571, Upvotes 12
Incomplete , Avoid
  9th April, 2007
Get the ice to build the igloo.
Views 1632, Upvotes 24
Remake , Platformer
  6th March, 2007
Picross with added Color.
Views 1089, Upvotes 21
Puzzle , Logic
  12th February, 2007
Dodge the walls and get as far as you can.
Views 1307, Upvotes 13
Incomplete , Avoid
  16th January, 2007
Push and pull the balls with magnetism.
Views 1420, Upvotes 14
Platdude , Magnets , Puzzle , Strategy
  8th December, 2006
Move the mouse up to add lift to the plane
Views 1139, Upvotes 11
  9th November, 2006
The original quick 12 level test of JNKPlat, to see if it would work as Nintendo DS Homebrew.
Views 753, Upvotes 11
  31st October, 2006
Help Platdude grab all the gems before he's too scared.
Views 1181, Upvotes 24
Maze , Avoid , Platdude
  1st October, 2006
Guide the penises to the .. um.. .. hole..
Views 2324, Upvotes 10
Puzzle , Strategy
  12th September, 2006
Help Platdude rescue the workshop from the evil dragon.
Views 1252, Upvotes 10
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
  21st August, 2006
Abandoned early due to rubbish Mario sprites!
Views 2591, Upvotes 26
Remake , Mario
  17th August, 2006
Two games, each drawn using only lines
Views 1241, Upvotes 7
Multiple Games , Minigames
  19th July, 2006
Never really figured out a game plan for this, but it's a nice engine!
Views 1570, Upvotes 25
Abandoned , Maze , Munky
  9th July, 2006
Rubbish Sonic in Ascii
Views 1294, Upvotes 11
Remake , Demake
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