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  18th June, 2007
I get bored. I get bored a lot. Especially when working on large projects. It's nice to occasionally have some weird random thing to do.
That's why I set up the Wednesday Workshop.
A weekly challenge. Make a game based upon a given theme, or task. Everyone who enters gets put through for a vote. But it's not really about the winning. It's about having something to do when you're bored. And .. I get bored a lot!

Click here and you'll see a nice big long list of the 60+ entries I've created for the workshop. They range from silly little 10 minute play things, through to mini RPGs, and everything inbetween.

For interest's sake, here's my favourite collection of workshop entries, and reasons why I like them.

A simple shoot 'em up. It actually gets really good if you play through the whole game, with different sections opening up as you go. But I don't think anyone ever actually bothered doing that.

Could be a much bigger game if I ever bothered to build it up.

Marvin the Wireframe Aeroplane
A nice little Juggler type game, where you keep the plane afloat by hitting it with blasts from fireworks. I love the look of this game, especially all the little background fireworks.
OK, so it might not be the best game in the world, but I like it!

Make Munky Do
A parody of the classic BBC Micro "Educational Title" Pod. It was a very silly game then, and it's even more silly now!

Features an incredibly chunky retro Space Monkey!

And if Munky Do was silly, then this is downright ludicrous. Stickman needs to take his Library books back, so guide him to the nearby library.

Watch out for the local Bully!

This game could quite easily be a whole lot bigger. A nice, simple puzzle game involving light and holes!

I really should get round to making the sequel to this game!

A collection of games, for workshop 19, which asked us to create a game per day for 7 days.
The games included here are.
1) Catch the numbers
2) A silly Animal Crossing clone.
3) A clone of the Amstrad CPC game Binky
4) A clone of the classic Splat
5) A UFO game with Cows
6) A silly remake of Hero
and 7) 2D Doom!

Get Stars
Quite possibly one of the nicest looking games I've ever created, with parallax stars, spinning pickups and a nice little witch and cat on a broomstick that looks quite a lot like Meg+Mog!

Greenie's Gameboy Adventure
A silly little quest game, featuring greenie, some squishy things and a Duck/Dragon type thing.

In many ways, this was a precursor to the "Quest" games that I created later on.

Mouse Minute
How much gameplay can you fit into a minute?
Well, depending on how fast your system's running, I crammed about 10 minigames into this game, all of which blend into each other quite nicely.

Super Mario Boardgame
It gets repetitive quite quickly, but this is a nice little board game you can play with up to 4 people.

Pick up mushrooms, throw fireballs, it's all in here!

A remake of Pipeline from the BBC Micro, but with a 2 player mode flung in.

I REALLY like this game, but the Superior Software guys said I couldn't make any more of it.


Typing Arcade
This really should go with the Munky Typing games, but then, there's no munkys!

Look forward to typing along to version of Pacman, Frogger and more.

Mario's Fiery Fourth
A cracking platform game, featuring Mario et all.

Jump on Goombas, grab the stars, find the pipe, rinse, repeat.

The CW Quest
When CodersWorkshop vanished into thin air, we were set a "What happened to it?" challenge.

My theory, a giant Duck/Dragon creature stole all it's parts.

A multicoloured version of Picross.

If you finish off the included levels, you can use the editor to create your own.

The Other Quest
In this sequel to The CW Quest, we find Platdude desperately trying to sort out the chaos that was created at the end of the last game.

Can you make the townsfolk happy again?

Monsters in Space
A remake of the classic game Monsters (or "Roland Goes Digging" if you're a CPC fan!) but with the player upside down! Strange! But enjoyable.. And kinda tricky, too!

JNKPlat : The Slot Machine
A Slot machine, but with JNKPlat gameplay implimented right into the slot mechanism. This game proved to be so popular that I'm redoing it on the DS.
Views 20, Upvotes 1, 18th June, 2007
About , Workshop
  18th June, 2007
OK, lets see how well we go with this.

Taking a slight page from Prospero, I decided to setup a Wordpress page.
I'm (hopefully!) going to be using this site to keep track of all my old Games and Musical pieces, so they'll all be easily accessible.

It'll probably not work, but it's at least worth a try, right?
Views 23, Upvotes 2, 18th June, 2007
Daily Blog
  18th June, 2007
Platdude. A 16 pixel, 3 color character. Deftly defying the world of 3D models and amazing realism, in favour of good old fashioned gameplay.
Over the years, Platdude has been in plenty of games.. Here's an approximate history of Platdude, along with Downloads where appropriate. (Or skip to the bottom for the latest stuff!)

Read More
Views 25, Upvotes 2, 18th June, 2007
About , Platdude
  18th June, 2007
What do you do once a workshop's on fire?
Views 1349, Upvotes 9, 18th June, 2007
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
  6th June, 2007
Protect the family from the swarm of flies
Views 1343, Upvotes 3, 6th June, 2007
Duck , Quack
  6th May, 2007
Rescue all the little children and escape the many many levels.
Views 1922, Upvotes 25, 6th May, 2007
Remake , Action , Maze , Platformer
  3rd May, 2007
Munky is falling, so type your fastest!
Views 1385, Upvotes 20, 3rd May, 2007
Typing , Munky
  1st May, 2007
Get the coloured balls to their homes.
Views 1140, Upvotes 9, 1st May, 2007
  15th April, 2007
Dodge the walls, pick up the boxes, ignore the dodgyness!
Views 1519, Upvotes 6, 15th April, 2007
Incomplete , Avoid
  9th April, 2007
Get the ice to build the igloo.
Views 1583, Upvotes 19, 9th April, 2007
Remake , Platformer
  6th March, 2007
Picross with added Color.
Views 1018, Upvotes 5, 6th March, 2007
Puzzle , Logic
  12th February, 2007
Dodge the walls and get as far as you can.
Views 1260, Upvotes 8, 12th February, 2007
Incomplete , Avoid
  16th January, 2007
Push and pull the balls with magnetism.
Views 1361, Upvotes 8, 16th January, 2007
Platdude , Magnets , Puzzle , Strategy
  8th December, 2006
Move the mouse up to add lift to the plane
Views 1089, Upvotes 6, 8th December, 2006
  9th November, 2006
The original quick 12 level test of JNKPlat, to see if it would work as Nintendo DS Homebrew.
Views 684, Upvotes 5, 9th November, 2006
  31st October, 2006
Help Platdude grab all the gems before he's too scared.
Views 1129, Upvotes 16, 31st October, 2006
Maze , Avoid , Platdude
  1st October, 2006
Guide the penises to the .. um.. .. hole..
Views 2260, Upvotes 5, 1st October, 2006
Puzzle , Strategy
  12th September, 2006
Help Platdude rescue the workshop from the evil dragon.
Views 1192, Upvotes 5, 12th September, 2006
Adventure , Platdude , Idigidragon
  21st August, 2006
Abandoned early due to rubbish Mario sprites!
Views 2521, Upvotes 21, 21st August, 2006
Remake , Mario
  17th August, 2006
Two games, each drawn using only lines
Views 1189, Upvotes 2, 17th August, 2006
Multiple Games , Minigames
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