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  14th December, 2013
NeonPlat Extreme sees most of the elements of the NeonPlat series of games, all cobbled together into one great big lump sum.
There's lots of fun little things to play around with, and for the most part it's the same single-screen platforming action you've come to expect.

NeonPlat Extreme is now available on iOS, Android, OUYA and Windows!

iOS : AppStore
Android : Google Play
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  12th December, 2013

Today, I realised I could do with some proper little snowflakes, for use as particles, and started trawling the net.

.. Then I went.. "hmmm... Might as well make a generator.."

And then I did..

Make Flakes

(for Windows, with BlitzMax source included.)
Select a size, then it'll fill a 512x512 spritesheet with randomly generated snowflakes, and save it as Flakes.png

Job done!

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Daily Blog
  11th December, 2013
I formally give you, and everyone else, permission to make videos of you playing my games, and then shoving those videos onto YouTube or Vimeo or whatever else you'd like to put them on.

I'd prefer to hear some commentary over my games, so I can watch them and enjoy the silliness of seeing people rant and shout, as they lose life after life in my ludicrously difficult games.

I would prefer if you didn't add any additional music to my games, but then YouTube will probably kick your arse for doing that, anyway.

You may monetise your videos however you'd like. I'm not entirely sure how complex the options on YouTube are, but if you can disable "unskippable" adverts, do that, 'cos those are frustrating!!

The Jayenkai Archive currently contains over 300 freeware games, all created by me. If you only do one Let's Play a week, you'll have years worth of content for your channel. .. Heck, even if you do one a day, you'll probably get a years worth out of it, as long as you take a rest at the weekend!!!

... And let me know, when you do!
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Daily Blog
  10th December, 2013
Sheep Goes Right, or at least a minor version of it, is now available on OUYA.

It isn't finished. There's a lot more of it that I've made, and a lot more I've yet to add, but something annoying has happened in the past few days.

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Daily Blog
  9th December, 2013
The aim for December is to make a nice little test version of JNKPlat, and see what devices it does, or doesn't work well on.
I'm going to try my best to make Touchscreen controls work with the game, but after years of trying various methods, that's probably not going to work out.
Either way, no matter what happens, by the end of the month there'll be a brand new mini-adventure for Platdude, in keeping with his Puzzle/Platform stylings.
The Windows and OUYA editions should be fine, but Android iOS controls will be quirky at best.


Click for severely large!!!
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Daily Blog
  6th December, 2013
The Windows edition of NeonPlat Extreme has just been updated, and hopefully everything works properly, this time.
Gamepad support should work properly.. Although it's still refusing to work on my laptop, it is at least working for other testers, so .. um.. I'll just assume it's working fine!!
Music's in.. Was it in, last time? I can't remember!
There's also a few other nips and tucks, and other little tweaks, to help keep the game running smoothly.


You can Download NeonPlat Extreme here for Windows, play the HTML5 browser version, or if you've got an OUYA, you can play on that, too!!!

Now to finish off the iOS and Android versions, which involves a lot of touchscreen-control tweaking!!!
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Daily Blog
  5th December, 2013
The OUYA edition of our great big Neovember game is now available in the OUYA Sandbox.
You can grab it from the discovery doohickey. Simply search for "NeonPlat" and you'll find it.

The Windows edition will be updated at some point in the next few days, and I'll be hopefully submitting the iOS edition to Apple some time later today. There's still lots of little tweaks to do for the touchscreen controls, but otherwise it's all running nicely.

*phew* So much to do! Crazy times ahead!!

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Daily Blog
  5th December, 2013

My first experience

Me and Spinal were discussing OUYA. He'd just bought one, and was trying to get Monkey to work with it.
I dared to mention OUYA in a tweet, and so was instantly followed by OUYAForum's tweetbot, @OUYAForum_com
"Nnngh. A generic bloody tweetbot. Can't these companies behave properly?" I thought, and I otherwise ignored it and carried on.

A few days later, another minor mention of OUYA on Twitter sparked a second following by OUYAForum's tweetbot.
"Hmmm.. Didn't they just follow me?" I thought.

I checked into it, and found that OUYAForums wasn't even affiliated with OUYA. Instead, it was one of those fan forums that simply sprouted up as a result of the popularity of OUYA.
"Ok" I though. "Fair enough." And I carried on regardless.

The third time I got followed by OUYAForums, I started to get a bit pissed off about it, marked them as Spam, blocked them, and thought "to hell with that shit!"

Then I didn't bother to look into OUYA development for another month or two, because, quite frankly, that had pissed me off enough.Read More
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Daily Blog
  30th November, 2013
Last March I was taken into hospital with a brain tumor. There's a lengthy blog about that, here.

Since then, although I'm "mentally" fine, I'm all sorts of physically screwed up!

I can barely stand in one spot without wobbling about, and trying to have a short stroll outside is somewhat chaotic.
In general I tend to stumble around, and can barely look around me, so have to always have someone with me incase I randomly wander into the path of oncoming traffic!.. Which I can't look out for, because I'm unable to glance around!!

It's a dangerous world out there, and I'm not fit enough to cope with it!!

As the year has gone on, I've been tackling walks.
Some days I'm able to get as far as the local village center. Other days, I can barely walks around to the corner of the street before I'm struggling. .. And it's not a very big street, either!

I've taken to counting steps using my 3DS. Each day me and Mum brave the outdoors, and we see how far I start to stumble too much and need to turn back.
On good days, I can manage a decent distance. On others, nothing much at all.

Realtime stats are provided via Twitter : @Jayenkai : Watch out for "Today's Stroll" tweets!

For those interested in stats, a collection of Step-Stats since Mid-June are available in This Google Doc's Spreadsheet, and will be updated for as long as I can remember to do that!!


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  28th November, 2013
Yet another case of AGameAWeek Gold being strangely interconnected with other events in my life!!
Today, I posted about Star Trek Pong 3 earlier today, and it got me thinking about the even older Amiga edition.
Curiously, I also recently purchased a USB Capture device for my PC. I wanted to output all my consoles and computers through my PC's monitor. It has a HDMI port, but a Scart->HDMI device seemed a little pricey.
Being the cheapskate that I am, I instead settled for a Capture device, which basically means I now get all my gaming through my PC, but can also capture it, too, which is a lovely little bonus.Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  28th November, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold is our occasional glance through the archive, to pluck out some of the great games that I've created over the many years that I've been doing this.
Along the way we'll discover some great gems that I'd forgotten about, or occasionally the odd bit of garbage that I'm frankly happy to have forgot about!

Today, we take a look at a strange little Pong game!
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Agameaweek Gold
  26th November, 2013
Today was supposed to be the great big release day, but annoyingly, one or two annoying issues have annoyingly cropped up.

First and foremost.. and quite bizarrely.. My Monkey games no longer appear to be working with Gamepads!!
At first I thought I'd retweaked NeonPlat until my code no longer worked, but upon searching through my archive, it appears that they're all equally as broken.
Either it's my Laptop that's freaking out, or it's my X360 pad, or.. .. More than likely.. Something's screwed up during a Windows update..Read More
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  26th November, 2013
Run, jump and throw the balls!!
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Platdude , Action , Arcade , Remake , Neoplat
  25th November, 2013
Nah, not quite.
But for a fair bulk of this year, I did manage to keep up the rate.
2013's not been too bad, considering..

Towards the end of January, I finished off my new Monkey Framework, and set about coding with that.
Since then, I continued to code games at a rate of one a week, up until the first stumbling block struck in April.
I initially intended to code a new word game, each week, and create a huge Stringy Things mega-game during April, but it all went to pot when the Image-Data-Loader didn't quite work well enough on some Android devices.
I'm still quite annoyed by that!

But still, I carried on, and made a bunch of different games, instead.
I continued up until the end of August, then took September off to work on BlastTrax.
That got finished and released, and since then I've spent the past couple of months working on both Sheep Goes Right and NeonPlat Extreme.

One of those will be released tomorrow!!! Ooooh, whichever will it be!!!? (Hint : It's Neovember!!)

AGAW Scoring : 28 games.. hopefully 30 by the end of the year.
Not a bad score!
.. could do better, though!
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Daily Blog
  21st November, 2013
It feels like AGES since I last posted a Sheep Goes Right test.
In fact, it's been just over a month.
October 14th was the last version, and today I'm posting a second test release.
This time, I'm releasing an APK for OUYA.
For testing purposes, this should also work on Android devices, but it's untested, and I'm not exactly sure how Monkey copes with things like that!
..it'll have a great big overscan border, for starters!!!

Anyway, if you've an OUYA, I'd appreciate a quick test, and some feedback.

Grab the APK here

It's a neat little APK.. It's not quite finished yet, but there's enough to keep you occupied for a couple of minutes or so!

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Daily Blog
  19th November, 2013
In the third of our NeonPlat Extreme tests for Neovember, we're playing against giant enemies!
Each of the "Bosses" requires three hits to kill.

Nothing massive, nothing awesome, just a screen full of great big bad guys.

You can Play NeonPlat Extreme : Test Three : Bosses in your browser.Read More
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Daily Blog
  15th November, 2013
Karl's Tiny Adventure was created way, way, way back in March of this year.
You can Play Karl's Tiny Adventure here.

The game was my first true test of proper "Image Data Loading", and my first proper lesson in Android Fragmentation.
Annoyingly, because different Android devices operate in slightly different ways, the Image Data Loading wasn't occurring in an accurate manner, and as a result, the level data was getting all screwed up.
As well as that, I learned that old-skool gameplay doesn't really work well, at all, with an onscreen dpad.
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Daily Blog
  12th November, 2013
Neovember is a month in which I'm taking the engine from NeonPlat Raw, and playing about with it to create a bunch of different gameplay styles.
Once we're done, I'll bundle everything back into a package, and pop it up on all the different systems.

This week's experimental gameplay mode comes courtesy of Blockman. Not the hungry-pellet-eating version of Blockman, the classic platforming/collection form.
You start the game as you normally would, with you, some balls, and some bad guys.
There's also a small round "thing" on the left.
The aim is to grab a ball, throw it at a bad guy, and then smash the leftover bubble, same as always.
The thing is, however, you won't get ANY points for it.
None. Zip.. Nada!!
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Daily Blog
  10th November, 2013
This is a quick and simple tool to take OUYA.tv's "Unique Download.csv" file, and convert it to a raw .html file, which you can either look at and admire, or upload to a server for other folk to equally look at and admire.

This tool is only useful for folk who A) Have an OUYA dev account, and B) Know WTF it is!!!

You can Download OUYA Stats Converter here

You can see the results here.
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Daily Blog
  10th November, 2013


Haze inquired as to why there's no NeonPlat Raw on iOS. The answer is simply because, a full year earlier, iOS got it's own special little NeonPlat.
In February 2012 (Just before my whole hospital saga!) I released NeonPlat on iOS. It featured tilt-controls, and 3 difficulty levels, and stands out as it's own special little version of the game.
It's different in it's own way, and has it's own unique gameplay features, just like every other version of NeonPlat.Read More
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Daily Blog
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