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  27th November, 2010
The Last and Final Word is a series of interviews with indie videogame developers.
A lovely new set of interviews which should lead to some insights about your favourite indie developers.

PS. I'm Nuts!!
Hopefully some of the others will be nice and lengthy, too, otherwise it's just me prattling on for a while, and feeling quite old.
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Reviewed , Media
  25th November, 2010
Thursday = Suggestion day, and usually a lookback on Tuesday's game.
hmm...Read More
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Daily Blog
  22nd November, 2010
Or rather, Curse You, stupid USB drive that killed about 4 hours of my work at 3am on Monday morning..
Although, If that hadn't have happened, I'd probably still be way way behind.

I had in mind, as I sat to code tonight, that I only (only!!) needed to add the weapons.
But, as I sit here at midnight, that's not really it, is it...
See, I have to build the weapon powerups, and tweak the weapon styles, and then integrate baddy health and all of that, too.

"Only" adding the weapons is a much bigger task than expected, and then there's the whole progression thing, and ...


Oh well, I guess I'm skipping a week.

Next week : This game.
This week : Not a chance!!!

AGAW Scoring : 6 weeks, 4 games, 1 utility.
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Daily Blog
  21st November, 2010
I'm just throwing random things at this game, now, to be honest.
I haven't a clue what sort of game it'll end up as, but I'm pretty sure it won't be an RPG of any kind.
Still, I'll keep trying, and we'll see what comes of it.

Odnetnin46, This is as much of an RPG as you're gettin'!!

Hurray for semi-unused furniture drawn 6 years ago!!

Tuesday : Something!
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Daily Blog
  18th November, 2010
Am I doing the RPG or not!? Damnit, Jay, make up your mind!

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Daily Blog
  18th November, 2010
If you've an idea for AGameAWeek, let it be known in the comments below!!!
Meanwhile, thinking time...Read More
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Daily Blog
  16th November, 2010
"You just hold right, and jump a bit"

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  16th November, 2010
Run and jump and jump and run! Note : Due to the high speed of the flickering, this is probably really bad if you suffer from Photosensitive Epilepsy.
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Demake , Rapid Death , Run , Experimental
  14th November, 2010
This week's game will be slightly more minimal than originally planned.
I originally was going to add baddies and pickups and progression and all of that.
But then I started playing it.

After about 10 minutes without a single blink, I figured it'd probably be a bit TOO much to add anything more.

At 10:30 this morning, this week's game was "good enough", and I've not touched it since.

I do need to fix the scoring, and I'll probably throw in some online scores, but that'll be about it.

Tuesday : Super Happy Speedy Gerbil
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Daily Blog
  12th November, 2010
Ooops, THAT's what I'm supposed to do on Thursdays!
No matter, a day late, not to worry!

Here's this week's suggestion box.
Fill the comments with your ideas/suggestions for future AGameAWeek stuffs.
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Daily Blog
  9th November, 2010
Right now, we'll call this version 0.5.
The tool is at a working version, and most of the bugs are ironed out.
I'll update it as the weeks go by, and hopefully we'll have something Most Excellent by the end.

Sliders, menus, buttons, etc.
Fiddle about, you might figure it out!

There's a bunch of presets on the left. Click one, and a sprite appears bottom right.
If you click "New" the sprite will change, but still based on the same sprite-building parameters. This means that, even through the sprite is different, it also kindof looks the same'ish.

You can then click the Build menu (top right) to trigger a sprite building event, which creates a 512x512 pixel spritesheet filled with approximately random versions of the sprite created in the parameters.

There's also a size menu, and a palette menu, and if you open up the .png images you can also have a play around, adding more filters and shapes and palettes.

Go crazy!
There's LOADS you can do with this, and I'll try to add more to it later, too.

Download it here for Win/Lin/Mac!

Sourcecode coming later.

View on YouTube


AGAW Scoring : 4 weeks, 3 games, 1 utility. That still counts, right!?
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  9th November, 2010
A semi-useful (hopefully growing) tool to design random sprites with.
Views 3438, Upvotes 17, 9th November, 2010
Pseudo Random Design
  7th November, 2010
As I've already mentioned, the MiniRPG's on hold whilst I build the sprite maker doohickey. The doohickey's coming along nicely, and make quite a large leap today, but I'm still fiddling about trying to get it to feel "Just Right"
The thing is, although my old sprite maker seemed to come up with nice blobs, the new one appears to be much more random.
Either they're preset shapes, or they're crazily splodged messes.

I'm not really sure why that's happening, but I'm bashing ahead, and seeing if I can smooth things out a little.

Should be here on Tuesday, although I'm not sure how good it'll end up being.

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Daily Blog
  6th November, 2010
I'm in too deep.
I can't stop!
And yet I also didn't plan ahead far enough, and will be spending most of this morning removing a bunch of stuff, and redoing it all.

Tuesday's little sprite buildey bobby will be all nice and super, and with any luck, should build some nice sprites and tiles and things like that.
I'll pop in some nice presets for making tiles, floors, walls, baddies and whatever.
Assuming I can get it all working in time!

It's getting there, but I'll first need to redo most of those sliders/checkboxes, because having attempted to use them, I've realised I probably should've done them in a completely different way.

Aw well, lesson learned.
Captain Hindsight will be shouting at me for this one.

Currently the sprites have no shape forming, so the sprawling mass of purely random pixels on the bottom right looks pretty damn ugly. I'll be working on that today, along with the color sliders which aren't quite the way they're meant to be. .. Needs more base, and planning ahead!

I did get the color palettes working, though, and it can render sprites in "Any colour/No Palette" or one of the included retro system's colour palettes! The sprite on this screenshot is rendered in ZX Spectrum colours.
Adding a palette is as simple as making a 16x16 pixel image of color (which you can see loaded on the top left of the screen) and popping it into the palette folder.
I haven't, though, accounted for quirky retro display rules, so all are pixel based, not block/otherwise based.. That probably doesn't mean a lot to some of the folk who visit here, though, so! Whatever!!
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Daily Blog
  4th November, 2010
It's time for our weekly "Post anything in your head" topic!
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Daily Blog
  1st November, 2010
Keeping with the classic retro theme, here's a nice and simple little 15-screen jumping platform game!

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  1st November, 2010
Oops, forgot to post this, yesterday! No matter.

After last week's retro styled "random" game, I decided to go for something similarly retro, but much less random.
I've drawn some supercheap gameboy style sprites, and have been building a batch of quick and easy jumpy platform levels.
I've done 11 levels so far, and am going to go the "Start from level 1, see how far you can get" route, so theres no checkpoints or anything. Just start, and hope you don't die..
9 lives seems adequate, so far, but I might up it if I build too much into the engine!

Tuesday : GeeBee Hop (Nothing to do with the russian photographer!)
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Daily Blog
  1st November, 2010
A nice and simple little jumping game!
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Platform , Retro
  27th October, 2010
I've no idea what I'll be tackling this week, again, so pop a random thought or two below!
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Daily Blog
  26th October, 2010
A somewhat simplified version of the classic Space Hawks, from the Amstrad CPC!
Views 4347, Upvotes 13, 26th October, 2010
Shooter , Shoot Em Up , Space , Arcade , Remake
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