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  7th May, 2013
Match alike blocks, fast!
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Bejewelled , Match 3
  6th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold peeps through the Jayenkai Archive to see what games I've previously released on this day in history.

Occasionally we'll pluck out some real gems.

Today's a cracker!

.. or rather, today's TWO crackers!!Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  4th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold delves through the Archive and plucks out any games that I've created, and have previously released on this day in history.

Some days, there'll be something special.
Some days, there'll be utter garbage!
And on other days, there are no games at all!Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  3rd May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold, we look back in the day,
to try out old games, and have a fun play.
Sometimes we'll find something nice, and have fun,
whilst other times, games will be boring and dull.
Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  2nd May, 2013
Oooh, nearly forgot about this feature!

Anyway, as I was sat wondering which of my current two projects to tackle, this morning, I inevitably decided to waste a few minutes making something entirely unrelated.

This month's wallpaper used two separate programs!!
First, the Windows program PaintShop Pro 7 was used to doodle the sprite, and get the image up to a nice big resolution, then the iPad App Pixlr Express+ was used to add a nice filter over the top.
Does that make it more interesting?
But there you have it!!

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Daily Blog
  1st May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold looks back at years gone by, plucking out games that I've previously released on this day in history.

Sometimes they're good.

Sometimes they're terrible.

.. and othertimes, there's more than one!!Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  30th April, 2013
A half-assed experimental thing, this week.

In all honesty, I did enjoy the idea of this game, but the execution wasn't what I wanted.

This week it's a case of "Could this be better?!"
Read More
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  30th April, 2013
Destroy the enemy tanks
Views 852, Upvotes 5
Combat , Shoot
  28th April, 2013
On Friday morning, @MadGarden suddenly popped up on Google Chat and started chatting about some sort of game he imagined might be interesting.
Something about "a neat control scheme for a platformer/combat thing" being a bit like Tron, with the discs being both a weapon and a shield.
Not entirely sure what he was on about, but it started one of those oddball pots of insanity bubbling, and soon enough a random game idea had emerged from my mind..

It's quite a way from MadGarden's original suggestion. In fact, it's pretty much a polar opposite!
The game that emerged from my think-tank is...Read More
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Daily Blog
  23rd April, 2013
In a change to our regularly scheduled April-Project, I've decided to stop pulling my hair out, and instead do something different.

What we're left with, however, is a nice happy little game for up to four players, so that's nice.
Read More
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  23rd April, 2013
Destroy the Enemy Atoms!
Views 846, Upvotes 5
Multiplayer , Battle , Remake
  22nd April, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold peeks back at games I've released on this day in history.
Sometimes they're great, Occasionally they're terrible, but usually they're odd.

There are some games that you can pick up, tweak a little thing, and end up with a much different sort of game.
Pacman->Blockman is a great example of this sort of mechanic-tweaking.
Other times, however, there's not really a whole lot you can do to a game.
There's no room for fiddling, without breaking what it is that makes that game so special.Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  21st April, 2013
Over the past few weeks, a terrible issue has appeared, and it's been quite noticeable.
It's caused my Stringy Things project to get stuck, as well as creating multiple issues in lots of other places.

The problem is as follows..

Not all devices are the same!!!
Read More
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Daily Blog
  20th April, 2013

AGameAWeek Gold looks back on the history of my huge Jayenkai Archive.
Each day, we trawl through the archive to find games which have been previously released on this day in history.

Some days, there are no games.

Other days there are oddball crazy quickly cobbled together gameplay experiments.

And then, some days, there are real gold games.

The games that stay with you, and can be just as enjoyable many years later.
Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  19th April, 2013
Wednesday night, SpikeDislike2 got its first update in the AppStore.
Thursday night, some twat had already plopped it onto a pirate site.Read More
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Daily Blog
  16th April, 2013
Sad face.

I'm supposed to be adding a new word game, every week, but this week's IGN Sillyness resulted in me spending literally hours replying to a whole bunch of emails, and trying to keep tabs on everything as it all went a wee bit crazy.

To be fair, I could've just spent ten minutes replying to those, but I do like to waffle in my email replies!!

As a result, I didn't actually get around to much coding, and there's no new word game, this week Read More
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Daily Blog
  15th April, 2013
General rule in life : Don't Poke the Bear.
Other similar expressions include tidbits such as "That's just the way it is", and references to Burning Bridges..
Over the past few days, I've heard pretty much every single one of these, and a whole host more.

About a week ago, IGN posted a trailer for SpikeDislike2.
A few little things annoyed me about it, like the advert, and the watermark, but I initially let them pass.
After all, IGN Exposure, right!? Woot!

Then I noticed another little oddity.
The YouTube page didn't have a link to me, or my game. It only had an IGN Subscribe link.
And on the official IGN Page.. Well, that didn't have any links, either.

If you saw that trailer, the only clickable things were IGN related.
Nothing was about me, or my game, except for the trailer.Read More
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Daily Blog
  15th April, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold takes a daily peek through the archive, to see if I've previously released a game on this day in history.
Some days there's greatness.
Other times there's oddities.
..and some times there's nothing at all!
.. Today's an oddity.Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  11th April, 2013
Coders Tool Ahead

I don't know why I only just realised this, but I don't think I ever posted my Bitmap Font Creator, to go with the Monkey Framework!

Anyway, here's that.

Bitmap Font Creator

It works nice and easily.
You give it a bucketload of .ttf files in the "fonts" folder, then run it, and it outputs a bunch of monospaced bitmap font images in the output folder.

Open the associated .txt file to see the width and height of the font, which you should use when LoadFont'ing.
Be sure you drag all three sizes of .png over to the data folder. (.png, -hd.png and -hd2.png)

I never bothered adding a UseFont() function, but you can easily change J_Font to the image number of your font, to switch it about, between text drawing. It does work, I just haven't made it any neater! sorry!!

Um, if you want fancier fonts, you can open the .png up in an art tool, and faff about with it, or fiddle around with the tool's sourcecode (.bmx BlitzMax included) to try and come up with something nicer.

Sorry it isn't anything AWESOME!!!! But it was only needed for a simple task, so I didn't bother making it any better than it needed to be.
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Daily Blog
  10th April, 2013
Evil pirates are everywhere.
You know what really irks me, though?
The way the pirates slap their name onto your game.
They don't dig into the innards and fiddle with things that would intrude on the player's experience, but they do slap their name on the download filename.
Eg, I could make a game called Mr Hippo's Happy Adventure, and the pirate download would end up as "[MrKipper] - Mr Hippo's Happy Adventure.ipa", thus giving MrKipper the fanfare, and taking it away from me.

It's hard enough trying to build up an audience without the pirates grabbing all the attention.

It's an evil thing to do.

They could, at the very least, stick [James Gamble] or [AGameAWeek] onto the thing.

But no, they don't bother.
They don't even stick a link, anywhere, to the official download.
You'd think "hey, at least it's getting some exposure", and.. yeah, that might be true, but with their watermark on it, and no link to the official download, it's a bit piss-poor from my side.
I'm basically working my arse off to get THEM a bit more exposure.

Stupid damn pirates.


... Anyway..
In other news, IGN have posted a video of SpikeDislike2!
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Daily Blog
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