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6th December 2022  
Barry returns to avoid pollination.

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Spikevent , Advent , Sdcom
5th December 2022  
Ball bounces through chaos!

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Spikevent , Advent , Sdcom
4th December 2022  
The spaceman leaps for mankind.

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Spikevent , Advent , Sdcom
3rd December 2022  
Ball bounces for Synth

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Spikevent , Advent , Sdcom
2nd December 2022  
There is no ball today. But Platdude makes his first appearance in the calendar!

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Spikevent , Advent , Sdcom
1st December 2022  
Ball takes the sandy route, but the Spikes are always present.

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Spikevent , Advent , Sdcom
28th November 2022  
Don't cheat! (It's very easy to spoiler it)

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Daily Blog , Sdcom , Spikevent
26th November 2022  
OK, one last theme to go.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
22nd November 2022  
I spent last night flicking through oodles of choons trying to pick out the right songs for all the themes I've done for the SpikeVent.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
15th November 2022  
I've got stuck on a particular SpikeVent theme, and can't seem to get any further!

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
13th November 2022  
Amadeus Pro is (temporarily) broken!

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
7th November 2022  
I've got roughly 23 days to get the SpikeDislike Advent Collection done, and *checks*
I'm only just halfway there.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
22nd October 2022  
There's now a version of SpikeDislike, over at SoCoder.net, which has integrated online highscores.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
21st October 2022  
The SoCoder edition of Daily Spike is coming along well enough.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
20th October 2022  
Over at SoCoder, AndyH suggested it might be nice to have a version of Daily Dislike wrapped up in the forum, with user's high scores being recorded over time.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
15th October 2022  
I've changed how the sprite sheets for SpikeDislike.com are organised, so I can cram a little more into a single image.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
15th October 2022  
Michael Fernie is interested to know just how off-the-spike I'm aiming with the Advent collection..

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
14th October 2022  
Three SpikeDislike themes down, and only another twenty-odd to make.
Oh no, what have I started!?!

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
12th October 2022  
Spent hours yesterday trying all manner of things to get buttons working in SpikeDislike VR, only to eventually give up again.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
5th October 2022  
There are now 3 almost identical themes on the main menu of SpikeDislike.com

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
3rd October 2022  
The endless disliking of spiked objects continues, with a completely rewritten SpikeDislike framework.
You can now Play SpikeDislike at SpikeDislike.com

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Spikedislike , Sdcom
15th February 2020  
The classic Basketball theme makes a return, this week.
Bounce the ball, avoid the spikes, and shoot the hoops as you go.
Be sure to drop the ball down through the hoop, or you'll lose some of your combo points. Eeek!
You can Play "On the Court" at SpikeDislike.com, in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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14th February 2020  
Trying to add Theme Three to SpikeDislike yesterday, and I had all manner of crazy maths issues.

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Daily Blog , Sdcom
9th February 2020  
Guess who still hasn't done the "Extra" feature, yet!
If I'm honest, I might go without it. It's very very very very clone'y, right now, and the Browsercade's not supposed to be that. .. Is it?!

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Daily Blog , Browsercade , Sdcom
6th February 2020  
Theme number two "Heavy Blues" is a blue-grid floor with a squarish background and a heavy blue ball.
This theme is basically stress testing a couple of elements in the engine.
You can Play Heavy Blues over at SpikeDislike.com

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1st February 2020  
If you're a fan of Classic SpikeDislike, and miss those things that fly across the screen with the number of points you just earned, you'll be happy to know I've added them into SpikeDislike.com!
I've not yet added a menu option to turn them off again, though, so you'll just have to put up with them for the next day or so, depending on when I get around to doing that.

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29th January 2020  
Lots of internal tweaks to the engine, today.
The game now records your highest combo, and places that alongside your highscore in the saves. This means that, when necessary, I can pop that up on the screen.
Your last score on the scoreboard is now highlighted and bounces to and fro, to stand out on the list.
I do miss having that in the Browsercade.
.. Maybe I should try to figure out a way to do that, but Browsercade's save data is there for lots of different types of games, a...
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