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15th February 2020  
The classic Basketball theme makes a return, this week.
Bounce the ball, avoid the spikes, and shoot the hoops as you go.
Be sure to drop the ball down through the hoop, or you'll lose some of your combo points. Eeek!
You can Play "On the Court" at SpikeDislike.com, in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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14th February 2020  
Trying to add Theme Three to SpikeDislike yesterday, and I had all manner of crazy maths issues.

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9th February 2020  
Guess who still hasn't done the "Extra" feature, yet!
If I'm honest, I might go without it. It's very very very very clone'y, right now, and the Browsercade's not supposed to be that. .. Is it?!

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6th February 2020  
Theme number two "Heavy Blues" is a blue-grid floor with a squarish background and a heavy blue ball.
This theme is basically stress testing a couple of elements in the engine.
You can Play Heavy Blues over at SpikeDislike.com

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1st February 2020  
If you're a fan of Classic SpikeDislike, and miss those things that fly across the screen with the number of points you just earned, you'll be happy to know I've added them into SpikeDislike.com!
I've not yet added a menu option to turn them off again, though, so you'll just have to put up with them for the next day or so, depending on when I get around to doing that.

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29th January 2020  
Lots of internal tweaks to the engine, today.
The game now records your highest combo, and places that alongside your highscore in the saves. This means that, when necessary, I can pop that up on the screen.
Your last score on the scoreboard is now highlighted and bounces to and fro, to stand out on the list.
I do miss having that in the Browsercade.
.. Maybe I should try to figure out a way to do that, but Browsercade's save data is there for lots of different types of games, a...
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28th January 2020  
For the past couple of months, I've had the plan of a "One Touch Games" framework in mind, but couldn't ever decide on the best name for such a domain.
A week or two ago, I just figured "To hell with it", and opted for SpikeDislike.com instead.

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27th January 2020  
Every week or so, I think about SpikeDislike.
How big it once was, and how abandoned it now is.
Going from it's hefty days back in 2011, when it actually SOLD a decent amount on iOS, to the current day where it's all been removed from the AppStore because I haven't updated it in years.
And yet, it's something I keep coming back to, and it has pretty much defined the sort of things that I've been doing for the past decade. Spike has whittled his way into becoming an ala...
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