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1st May 2022  
You and AL both have 13 cards, and along the way, must bid on the piles of diamonds that are placed onto the table.
Can you outbid AL enough to win the most gems at the end of the game?!
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Strategy , Bidding
1st May 2022  
In GOPS, you need to try to outbid AL, in order to win the diamonds.
Earn as many diamonds as you can, to win the game.
You can Play GOPS in the Shoebox, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Release
22nd January 2022  
Shift all the blocks into the box so they fit snuggly together.
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Jigsaw , Puzzle
22nd January 2022  
More mini-jigsaw puzzles to wrap your head around.
You can Play this game in the Shoebox. It's under the Misc section.

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Shoebox , Release
8th January 2022  
Using only the letters from the previous word, build up a tower as high as you can.

How high can you go?
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Word , Puzzle , Chain
8th January 2022  
Build a tower as high as you can, by making words from the letters of the previous row.
You can Play this game in the Shoebox, under the Word Games section.

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Shoebox , Release
1st April 2021  
Collect the coins, whilst using the logic of the tiles to avoid the mines. Play on your own, against AL, or work together in party mode, as you try not to get blown up in the minefield.
Views 122, Upvotes 5
Board Game , Puzzle , Logic , Minesweeper
1st April 2021  
A simple board game rendition of Minesweeper. Use the clues on the board to decide where the mines might be, and try your best not to get blown up.
You can Play Minesweepers in the Shoebox, in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Release , Board Game
4th March 2021  
Keep the grid as clean as you can, whilst ensuring there's always room for more icons, as you shuffle the tiles around and match 3 in a row.
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Puzzle , Sliding Block
4th March 2021  
Link up similar tiles, matching 3 or more in a row, in order to keep the grid as clear as you can.
You can Play Lynkr in the Shoebox, in your Browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Release , Puzzle
12th February 2021  
Move your counter around the board, one hop at a time, to reach the goal. Each number that you land on is how far your next hop can be.
Views 80, Upvotes 4
Puzzle , Number , Logic , Leaps
12th February 2021  
Move your counter around the board, hopping from number to number. The number you land on is how far your next hop can be.
Try to reach the goal square, to complete each level.
You can Play Numerical Hops in the Shoebox, in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Puzzle
10th February 2021  
OK, Made the game from last night's nap, but the dream-game didn't come with a title..

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Puzzle , Shoebox
26th January 2021  
Link up pairs of words to create 5 larger words.
Can you find all the correct pairs?
Views 181, Upvotes 6
Word , Puzzle
26th January 2021  
Connect two words together to make a longer word.
There are 5 words to form.
You can Play Jigwords in the Shoebox, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet

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Shoebox , Words
15th January 2021  
Try to guess the word, by using Mastermind style rules.
Green = Correct Letter, right place.
Red = Correct Letter, wrong place.
A concept stolen from a TV Show.
Views 142, Upvotes 6
Word , Puzzle , Tv
15th January 2021  
A stolen idea from a TV show!
Using Mastermind style rules, try to work out which word has been placed onto the board.
You can play this game in the Shoebox, here.

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Shoebox , Release , Words
12th October 2020  
Hit your balls as close to the target as you can, to score as many points as possible, whilst trying to make things harder for your opponents.
Views 103, Upvotes 3
Snooker , Pool , Billiards , Bowls
12th October 2020  
Try to score as much as you can, by hitting your balls closer to the target.
A fun mix of Pool and Bowls, for up to four players.
You can Play All Cued Up in the Shoebox, on desktop, mobile or tablet.

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Shoebox , Release
10th October 2020  
Today's Tasks..

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
9th October 2020  
Trying to figure out the best control method, I decided to make the cue "Drag back", instead of "Drag forward".

Views 59, Upvotes 1
9th October 2020  
OK, time to rewrite "All Cued Up" for the Shoebox.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
7th September 2020  
Shift all of the gears into the main box, so they're all interconnected, and spinning like they oughta.
Views 79, Upvotes 6
Puzzle , Gearworks
7th September 2020  
Place all the cogs into the main box, and line them up so they're all rotating.
You can Play the game in the Shoebox, in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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Shoebox , Puzzle
5th September 2020  
Today I should probably spend some time drawing some more SoCoder emojis. (Is emoji plural?)

Views 57, Upvotes 3
Daily Blog , Socoder , Shoebox
11th August 2020  
Apple fixed the audio bug in Shoebox. And it wasn't even their fault..!!

Views 76, Upvotes 2
Shoebox , Browsercade
26th July 2020  
Not happening.. .. yet..

Views 63, Upvotes 4
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