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2022 - Variable
9th August 2022  
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Updated : 10th August 2022 : Variable Forest

AL is using Ableton for the first time, for this AL Bum. Let's see how well he can cope with it, before he gives up and goes back to KORGGadget!

  Variable Atmosphere

  Variable Beast
I can't stop thinking of the dream I had,
Where the beast came down to me and said.
"Will you be the one who finally sets me free,
from these chains all wrapped around my head."

I took his hand and then we started to fly,
Up into the sky where stars shone brightly.
The he set us down upon a perfect cloud,
Where we stayed and slept throughout the night.

  Variable Countryside
All around,
The fragrance of flowers.
As we walk on by,
And wander for hours.

Looking up, I see all the birds and bees.
As they sit up high, in amongst the trees.

And all around,
The fragrance of flowers.
As we walk on by,
And wander for hours.

And wander.
For hours.
And Wander.
For hours.

And all around,
The fragrance of flowers.
As we walk on by,
And wander for hours.

  Variable Destruction
I unlocked the door.
And I went outside.
There was nobody there, though.
So I came back in,
And shut the door again.


I checked the fridge.
It hadn't worked for weeks.
Mould had grown over several inches.
I wasn't hungry though.
So I just shut the door.


Oh the radio signal just went beep, beep, beep.
It reminds me I haven't heard a voice all week,
In the Apocalypse.
The Apocalypse.
The Apocalypse.

  Variable Emotions
This is not the ending.
I'm holding on to what we have.
I'm ready for what comes my way,
Whether with or without you.

Our love had its moments.
But we've made it through the storm.
I know now, no matter what,
I will always love your ears.

Your ears,
Floppy and round like a can.
What do they hear, now?

Your ears,
Thank you for all that they do.
They hear, and stuff.

  Variable Forest
I'm a little tree.
Take a look at me.
I am growing strong.
So I'll sing a song.
While I'm growing on.

Growing up so high,
Can I reach the sky?
I could maybe try.
Though it is so high.
I should really try, hard.

Reaching up above,
All the trees and shrubs,
That are down below,
And I need to go
High up in the air.

I can see the stars,
Floating up in space.
Sparkling all around,
They don't make a sound.
I am growing higher.

Now I am so high,
I am above the sky.
I'm in outer space.
And I like this place.
Though it is quite dry.

Hope that I stop soon,
Or I'll hit the moon.
Hit it in its face.
That won't be so great.
If I keep on growing.

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