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2022 - Bonus Tracks
8th August 2022  
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Updated : 08th August 2022 : Added Variable Emotions (inst)

A series of random extras that may or may not be any good.

  Small Passion
After spending a whole day cataloguing thousands of drum loops, I figured I'd better check that they actually work in KORGGadget.
And, yes, they do.
Lovely stuff.

  Still Learning
Whilst AL figures out how to use Ableton, he's made a bonus Choon.

  An Ice Cord
Andrew Huang made a video about a chord, so AL decided to join in.

For those who prefer their ALChoons without lyrics, here's the Variable ALBum tracks without them.
  Variable Beast (inst)
  Variable Countryside (inst)
  Variable Destruction (inst)
  Variable Emotions (inst)

  Higher or Lower
A silly mix made using samples from Computer Music issue 299 (October 2021)
Total 8 tracks
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