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2018 - Hello
26th December 2018  
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An advent calendar of musical oddities.

[Track]Hello Anybody
[Track]Hello Belinda
[Track]Hello Charles
[Track]Hello Deloris
[Track]Hello Edward
[Track]Hello Francine
[Track]Hello Grandma
[Track]Hello Henry
[Track]Hello Irene
[Track]Hello Jane
[Track]Hello Kevin
[Track]Hello Lily
[Track]Hello Mark
[Track]Hello Nancy
[Track]Hello Oscar
[Track]Hello Primrose
[Track]Hello Quentin
[Track]Hello Ruby
[Track]Hello Stuart
[Track]Hello Tracy
[Track]Hello Uncle
[Track]Hello Vanessa
[Track]Hello Wanda
[Track]Hello Xia
[Track]Hello Yuletide (feat McFunkypants)
[Track]Hello Zylgartz
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