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2018 - Generous
14th July 2018  
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Update 14th July 2018 - Added Generous Zaps

The second AL-Bum for 2018, with a fair number of oddities, and some slower tracks throughout.

[Track]Generous Appetite

Come and eat some popcorn with me.
It's really tasty.
Adding all the salt you can see,
That makes you thirsty.

Have a little milkshake or three,
So you don't dry out.
You can have some popcorn.
Have some popcorn.
Have a little more.


[Track]Generous Bloke
[Track]Generous Colluding
[Track]Generous Decision
[Track]Generous Enough
[Track]Generous Food
[Track]Generous Food Hamper
[Track]Generous Givings
[Track]Generous Horsepower
[Track]Generous Ideas
[Track]Generous Justice
[Track]Generous King
[Track]Generous Lunch
[Track]Generous Magic
[Track]Generous Nourishment
[Track]Generous Overworld
[Track]Generous Please
[Track]Generous Quintet
[Track]Generous Relaxation
[Track]Generous Sauce
[Track]Generous Trust
[Track]Generous Usage
[Track]Generous Voices
[Track]Generous Warmth
[Track]Generous Xceptance
[Track]Generous Yet
[Track]Generous Zaps
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