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2018 - Bonus Tracks
18th December 2018  
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Updated 18th December 2018 - Added Not a Theme

The "Bonus Tracks" AL-Bums are full of extra choons that don't fit in amongst the regular AL-Bums for various reasons.

[Track]Vocaloid Test
The journey continues.
The challenge goes on.
I fight with the code,
Until all bugs are gone.

[Track]8bit Car
[Track]8bit Car - Chippy
Reinterpretations of Analysing Jumpstarts
Driving along in my 8-Bit car,
Feeling really cool as we go quite far.
Looking at the map, checking where we are.
Doing it all in my 8-Bit car.

[Track]Blockman - New A - A
A slightly rejigged tune from Blockman Worlds, for Blockman Gets Retro

[Track]Chock full of Block
A curious KidsTV remix. ChockaBlock is an old BBC children's show for pre-schoolers.

[Track]NeoPlat InGame
The ingame tune from NeoPlat

[Track]Generous Stockholm Gadget
KORG and Reason added a new gadget "Stockholm" to Korg Gadget, and this was a quick test track using only that Gadget.

[Track]Generic Snake Clone - A
[Track]Generic Snake Clone - B
[Track]Generic Snake Clone - C
[Track]Generic Snake Clone - D
Music for a good old fashioned Generic Snake Clone.

[Track]Indistinguishably Interconnected (inst)
This choon sounds great with or without it's vocals.

[Track]Who AL Likes
Excited for tomorrow's new Who launch, featuring the 13th Doctor and new showrunner Chris Chibnall, AL decided to do a TelliMicks!

[Track]Not a Theme
When creating the 3DS Theme Generator, I needed a default choon. This is that!
This is not a theme.
This is incomplete.
The person hasn't done anything.
This is not a theme.

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