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2016 - Memories of
1st January 2016  
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A collection of classic videogame tunes, redone in AL's particular style.

[Track]Memories of Alfred
Alfred Chicken - Title Theme by David Whittaker
© Twilight

[Track]Memories of Bricks
Arkanoid - Title Theme by Hisayoshi Ogura
© Taito

[Track]Memories of Chaos - Part 1
3D Starfighter - Title Theme by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

[Track]Memories of Chaos - Part 2
3D Starfighter - Inspired by Blinky's Jingle by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

[Track]Memories of Digging
Lemmings - Ingame Tune by Tim Wright and Brian Johnston
© DMA Design

[Track]Memories of Eggs
Fast Food - Title Theme by David Whittaker
© Codemasters

[Track]Memories of Flying
Frontier - Elite II - Title Theme by David Lowe
© Konami/GameTek/Frontier Developments

[Track]Memories of Grand Prix
Grand Prix Simulator - Title Theme by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

[Track]Memories of Heels
Head Over Heels - Tiny Intro Jingle by Guy Stevens
© Ocean Software

[Track]Memories of Ice
Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone by Brad Buxer and The Jetzons
© Sega

[Track]Memories of Jet Setting
Jet Set Willy - Ingame by Steve Wetherill
© Software Projects

[Track]Memories of Keyborad
Kwik Snax - Title Theme by Lyndon Sharp
© Codemasters

[Track]Memories of Lee
Bruce Lee - Title Theme by John A. Fitzpatrick
© US Gold

[Track]Memories of Mackey
Megaball - Title Theme by Al Mackey
© Ed and Al Mackey

[Track]Memories of NDOS
SkidRow Cracktro Tune by Twilight/Desire
© SkidRow

[Track]Memories of Overtaking
Outrun - Magical Sound Shower by Hiroshi Kawaguchi
© Sega

[Track]Memories of Puzzles
Puzznic - Title Theme by Jonathan Dunn
© Taito

[Track]Memories of Quivers
Super Robin Hood - Title Theme by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

[Track]Memories of Robotic Fish
James Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod - Title Theme by Richard Joseph
© Millennium

[Track]Memories of Steel Balls
Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe - Title Theme by Nation 12
© Bitmap Brothers

[Track]Memories of Tombs
Tomb Raider - Title Theme by Nathan McCree
© Core Design

[Track]Memories of Universal Blasters
Cybernetix - Title Theme by Blair Zuppicich
© Vision

[Track]Memories of Velocity
Jaguar XJ220 - Troubled Journey by Martin Iveson
© Core Design

[Track]Memories of War
Cannon Fodder - Intro Theme by Richard Joseph, Jon Hare
© Sensible Software

[Track]Memories of Xenon
Xenon II - Title Theme by David Whittaker, Bomb The Bass
© Bitmap Brothers

[Track]Memories of Yolk
Dizzy - Title Theme by Jon Paul Eldridge
© Codemasters

[Track]Memories of Zooming Ninja
Zool - Rock'n'Zool by Patrick Phelan
© Gremlin Graphics
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