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10th November 2009  
Kill the beasties with your sword.
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Arcade , Simple
9th November 2009  
So, after having attempted to create a racing game and a word game, I've finally settled on a game that appears to be coming together nicely.
Ninja Duck (temporary name, but they usually tend to stick) is about a Ninja who has a sword, and an oncoming swarm of ducks, frogs and birds.
Simple stuff, on a nice small arena.
<a href="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/arghfrog.png"><img src="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/arghfrog_thumb.png"></a>
Not really too much gameplay...
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Daily Blog
7th November 2009  
Sometimes you can start a game and it grows and grows and is wonderful.
Other times, you get about 10% through, and realise it's just not working out.
Game Idea 1
This week started with a word game. A decent enough idea, place the tiles in a scrabble-esque crossword style, and make words.
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Daily Blog
3rd November 2009  
Blimey, Blockman got big!
That's not like me!
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3rd November 2009  
Guide Blockman without not eating!
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Pacman , Remake , Puzzle , Maze
2nd November 2009  
Blimey, that got complex!
<a href="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/blockmansGreatBigMenu.png"><img src="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/blockmansGreatBigMenu_thumb.png"></a>
Starting with "World 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1" I built a set of sideways Arcade menu start points.
Then I added the old "J/K" gameplay options in the style of World 10-1 and World 25-1.. Although from 6-1 and after, the theme isn't predetermined, and it's just picking random themes each time!
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Daily Blog
1st November 2009  
Or rather, he needs one, but doesn't quite have one.
That's on tomorrow morning/tonight's list of things to do.
Otherwise we've got sounds, graphics, music, levels, level progression, bonus level sets and more.
Everything's nice and happy!
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Daily Blog
30th October 2009  
Like I suggested yesterday, those one-way arrows could lead to some serious deadends, so rather than allowing the game to plonk them down willy-nilly, I've brought back Path Mode's AI.
Path Mode will work the way it used to, a trail of dots leading to an eventual deadend..
But we'll also be using it to find paths for the arrows.
Find a path, pick 4 or 5 points at random, add the arrows.
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Daily Blog
29th October 2009  
Sometimes you have really productive days.
Occasionally, though, those really productive days seem to drag on and on, and not actually produce much at all!
Here's what I've done today.
1. We're up to 5 skins, since I added a plain rock+lava one.
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Daily Blog
28th October 2009  
<a href="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/KingPelLittsTomb.png"><img src="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/KingPelLittsTomb_thumb.png"></a>
Poor Blockman, all alone in a gigantic maze.
If only there were a way to zoom into the action..

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Daily Blog
27th October 2009  
A nice and simple game, this week, inspired by this week's Wednesday Workshop (#224) Board Game challenge.
Rather than having plain Questions and Answers, I've taken all the results from Socoder's daily polls, and rounded them up into the game.
Can you select the option that the most people at Socoder did?!
<a href="http://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Guesstimates_20091027A.png"><img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Guesstimates_20091027A_thumb.png"></a>
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27th October 2009  
Try to build up the best score you can, before a player reaches the end of the board.
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Board Game , Dice , Polls , Multiplayer
24th October 2009  
Blockman Gets More is coming along nicely, with one slight issue to be aware of.
I've got the bloomin' Swine Flu, so don't expect a miracle super game by Tuesday.
I should have a game done by Tuesday, but it won't be Blockman Gets More, that's currently waiting until such a time that I can actually think straight, and not struggle to type!
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Daily Blog
20th October 2009  
This week, due to popular demand, Blockman's Getting More.
As you may have read, I attempted a new art style (fweeDee!!) last week, which really didn't work out at all.
So, this week I'm aiming for the Pseudo popped-out-a-bit art style, and all seems happy in the world of Blockman.
<img src="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/blockmangetsmoreb.png">

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Daily Blog
20th October 2009  
Prepare for disappointment!
This week's been a bit of a disaster, really.
I started with Arcade Slots, and actually managed to get quite far into it, but eventually realised there wasn't anything new to add to the mix. So that got scrapped.
After that came a brand new Blockman graphic style, which was far too angled, and resulted in the maze being completely obscured. No good!
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20th October 2009  
Catch as many frisbies as you can.
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Abandoned , Dog , Catch
19th October 2009  
If you're currently coping with a bad bout of depression, it's probably not a great idea to download this week's AGameAWeek game, because.. quite frankly.. it sucks!
As I type this, the game currently consists of a badly drawn dog, a badly drawn bit of grass, and a few badly drawn birds.
I've hit a dead end as far as this game goes.
I also hit a dead end with Arcade Slots, and I even hit a major blockage with Blockman Gets More.
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Daily Blog
16th October 2009  
I got the basic slot machine reels working.
A couple of nice functions. 1 to fill them up, 1 to draw them.
Nudges work, Holds work.
Everything vaguely important works..
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Daily Blog
16th October 2009  
Socoder Newsletter

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Daily Blog
13th October 2009  
Thursday 8th of October 2009 01:46:19 PM
Name : Nam
Idea : May I suggest a "Tower of Druaga" mode for Arcade Slots?
It's been a long while since I played inside the Arcade Slots source.
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Daily Blog
13th October 2009  
The last time we tried Munky Blocks we had 1 munky and many blocks. Munky had to collect the blocks, piece them together to form coloured areas, and blammo, they vanished.
This time, we only have one block.
Munky needs to pick up that block, and place it on top of the red button, to open up the red exit, and then he can leave.
A simple enough concept, but one that took so long to build I didn't really have time to build a decent set of levels.
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13th October 2009  
Use the block to open the door.
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Platform , Strategy , Puzzle , Munky
11th October 2009  
<img src="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/munkysblockb.png" style="float:left;">
Munky's Block is graphically coming along nicely, but unfortunately I've yet to actually start making levels.
So far it's all been "Niceness" stuff, and as a result things are lacking a bit.
Probably should've stuck to the blocky background like last time.
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Daily Blog
9th October 2009  
Ok, let's try that Munky thing again, shall we!?
I've scrapped the "Portal" style stuff, and am instead focusing on a Munky Blocks styled affair.
Munky's Block seems an apt title, so we'll stick with that.
Currently I have only 1 setpiece, and 1 silly simple test level.
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Daily Blog
6th October 2009  
Same game, different system.
I started working on the Munky Portal thing this week, but it didn't really happen.
A shame.
No matter, because it gave me just enough time to remake Blockman Gets and pop it onto the DS.
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6th October 2009  
Guide Blockman without not eating!
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Pacman , Remake , Puzzle , Maze
5th October 2009  
I think that's everything!!
I added the last (earliest!) stuff into the archive today, and I think I've pretty much done all the PC stuff, now.
(URL "http://AGameAWeek.com/GameList.php?ShowJust=159"><img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/complete/JNKFruit2K3_20030818B_thumb.png">
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Daily Blog
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