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31st August 2011  
I had planned a post, earlier.
I was thinking the text through whilst walking to work..
I'm now home from work, and have sat down to write it.
.. I need to learn to jot things down, because I can't remember what it was..

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Daily Blog
30th August 2011  
Another donation received today.
That's the third donation this month.
Quite frankly I'm gobsmacked by the generosity of people at a time when, to be fair, AGameAWeek's actually been a bit shit!

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Daily Blog
29th August 2011  
Bank Holidays.
Days when everyone around you is complaining that it's a "Boring Bank Holiday" again, and you have to play Mr Entertainer, whilst in actual fact you've just spent a whole weekend being ill, and now have a huge pile of work to do which you REALLY wouldn't mind actually getting around to doing..
Thanks everyone.
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Daily Blog
28th August 2011  
Thursday, started to feel a bit queasy. I know this one!!
I know how to cope.
Relax a bit, deal with it, make it through to the other side!

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26th August 2011  
Instead of my regular blog, today I'll retweet all the random whinging I posted to Twitter today!

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Daily Blog
25th August 2011  
It's a great week for disliking spikes!!
There's plenty of free spikes, all over the place!

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Daily Blog
24th August 2011  
This morning, I took Voxel's advice, and overdosed myself on Jelly Tots and Milkshake..
If I didn't finish a game, I was in for a whole heap of trouble..
Did I make it through the day?!
Did I finish a game?!!
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Ios Dev
23rd August 2011  
Jay Classic
AGameADay Jay
Wake up.
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Daily Blog
22nd August 2011  
How many things are on Jay's Todo-list now?

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Daily Blog
21st August 2011  
This probably isn't interesting at all, and I'm quite a bit annoyed that this has taken up a whole big chunk of my day, but here's a clip of the menu I made, today!

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Ios Dev
21st August 2011  
I've mentioned, previously, how I'm going to attempt to make a 4-game template system.
A couple of days ago, I started a neat little menu, but.. it really wasn't up to much.
Today, I restarted said little menu, and it's turned out quite a bit nicer.

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Ios Dev
21st August 2011  
Jay's Crazy iOS Sale!
<a href="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/crazysale_798.png"><img src="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/crazysale_798_thumb.png"></a>
2 free games, and another half price.
What could possibly go wrong!?!?

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Daily Blog
19th August 2011  
Not really sure when this started, probably the day I decided to stop doing AGameADay, but I now appear to be daily-blogging twice a day.

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Daily Blog
19th August 2011  
Rant Ahoy!!!

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Gamedev , Gbatemp
18th August 2011  
The plan
1. Do 3 quick pieces of music.
2. Finish off the 50-level version of Sheep DS.
3. Check it.
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Daily Blog
18th August 2011  
Happy sheepy updates for everyone!!! (Except the PC edition... not really sure what I'm doing with that one!)
<img src="http://socoder.net/uploads/1/SheepFake_256.png">

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Daily Blog
17th August 2011  
..wait a minute, wasn't I trying to take a break!?

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Daily Blog
16th August 2011  
Alright, time to start on the next iOS project.
Over the past year I've started around about 500,000 iOS games, and released 6.
You're probably wondering WTF happened to the rest of 'em.

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Ios Dev
15th August 2011  
You could say I crapped out, and gave up.
I aimed for 52. I aimed for a 2nd whole year's worth of games, within a startlingly short amount of time.
But I probably would've managed it..

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Daily Blog
14th August 2011  
The iOS edition of SpikeDislike was kicking arse, the WiLMa edition was doing well, and the PlayMyCode edition was being played quite a bit, too.
What else could SpikeDislike be ported to?!

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12th August 2011  
Yeay! More Sheep!
I need to make a feckin' level editor for the DS Sheep Goes Left game, and then rebuild all the levels, all over again.

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Daily Blog
12th August 2011  
Too tired..
Instead, I've been working on Sheep Goes Left DS, which is proving 17,000,000,000% more popular than it's iOS rival.
Quite why, I don't know, but the fact that it's being mentioned quite a bit is a good sign.

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Daily Blog
11th August 2011  
Aaah, there we go.. Back to normal!
A nice little missile command game, that really kicks your arse!!

PlayMyCode games no longer work

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10th August 2011  
How the hell did I ever manage to get so much done over the past two weeks?!!
.. oh yeah, I wasn't half-asleep..

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Daily Blog
9th August 2011  
I was up stupidly late last night.
I wasn't coding.
I wasn't listening to music.
and I wasn't watching TV either.

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Daily Blog
8th August 2011  
I tried, today, but I just wasn't quite into it once the game started to build up.
Today's unfinished game, Unknown.....!

PlayMyCode games no longer work

<img src="http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/pmc_unknown-300x193.png">
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Daily Blog
7th August 2011  
Over the years, I've settled into somewhat of a set of "Bad" habits.
I clump everything into unnamed arrays, with unnamed numerical references for everything.
I reuse arrays for anything from enemy locations, collectables, particles and anything else.
If you open up my PlayMyCode games (click the edit button!) you'll see my habits.
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Daily Blog
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