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5th October 2009  
I think that's everything!!
I added the last (earliest!) stuff into the archive today, and I think I've pretty much done all the PC stuff, now.
(URL "http://AGameAWeek.com/GameList.php?ShowJust=159">
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4th October 2009  
I've tried to come up with an interesting gameplay method, but nothing's immediately apparent.
I've still got a couple of ideas to try, but with only a day and a bit left to try it, it's not worth trying it now.
So, what else?
Well, I've not done a DS game for a while, let's try that.
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Daily Blog
1st October 2009  
Friday 25th of September 2009 12:15:21 AM
Name : Thunderskull 4024
Idea : Sokoban-like game with hex-based grid.
OK, first off, not really sure what all the loving of Hexagons is about, but the word Hex is in the suggestion bag about 20-odd times!
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30th September 2009  
(URL "http://agameaweek.spreadshirt.net/">
Simple enough idea, not sure why it's not happened sooner.
There's a handful of little t-shirts online right now, and I'll be adding plenty more as time goes on.
And, maybe not just T-Shirts!!
Any requests?
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29th September 2009  
And so another week trundles by.
I had hoped to finish off the ever elusive games, this week, (the RPG and the Patent Wars), but that doesn't appear to be happening at all.
Oh well.
If they happen, they happen. If not, carry on.
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29th September 2009  
Guide Blockman without not eating!
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Pacman , Remake , Puzzle , Maze
25th September 2009  
This week's Wednesday Workshop suggests we should make a Pacman game.
I've already done "Blockman Forever" this year, so I'm going to avoid retreading old ground.
Instead I'm going the Puzzle route.
Already I've got a lovely little set of graphics going, and am obviously reusing Blockman because.. .. well, why not!!!
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Daily Blog
22nd September 2009  
Having done the DS and Windows editions of JNKSokoban and since the shooty game wasn't really happening, I figured, what the hey, might as well do a phone Sokoban, too.
(hmm.. I never did release the DS one, did I!?)
So, here's the phone one..

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22nd September 2009  
Trying to add puzzle elements into a shoot-em-up never seems to work out as well as the idea in your head.
I should know that by now!
And yet, this week, that's what I tried to do.

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22nd September 2009  
Save as many people that you can.
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Shoot-em-up , Experimental
22nd September 2009  
A quick port of the DS/Windows version, for the phone.
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Puzzle , Strategy , Maze , Sokoban
16th September 2009  
Tuesday 15th of September 2009 03:07:08 PM
Name : redmoth
Idea : invent a new gambling/casino game
A few years ago (2004!!) I created Kasino Green. It was supposed to sit alongside StringyThings (a nice collection of Word games), and be a similarly nice collection of Casino games.
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Daily Blog
16th September 2009  
More monkey games, including the nice rotating maze one.
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Multiple Games , Munky , Maze , Minigames
15th September 2009  
I was thinking of doing some sort of fruit machine thing, but I didn't really have any kind of plan for it, so it didn't really get off the ground.
Poor thing.
Maybe this week for that?
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Daily Blog
13th September 2009  
I'm sat here at 11pm on Sunday night, trying to think of a game for Tuesday.
It's not happening..
I've spent all week long adding games to the archive. That's to say, I've spent all week playing all my old games, and having a whale of a time..
I guess that has a disadvantage, being that I haven't coded jack all, all week.
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11th September 2009  
I managed to get the Archive up to 100 games.
Counting subgames it's all the way up to 126! woot!
That's games from May 2006 up to now.
Not a bad count, but certainly not AGameAWeek.
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10th September 2009  
The big-ass catalogue is now up to 68 games, and I've reached a bit of a stumbling block.
If you search for (URL "http://AGameAWeek.com/GameList.php?Find=multiple+games">"multiple games"), you'll find a few games that have more than one internal game.
Today I'm tweaking the engine so that it counts each of those seperately inside the nice ever growing total.
I wasn't going to do that, at first, but then I came across Platdude's Retro Collection, and decided to do it.
It'd be a shame ...
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Daily Blog
9th September 2009  
If you've been keeping track, you'll have probably noticed an ever increasing number in the folders of my games.
These are the weeks of the Wednesday Workshop, and as you trace through my games, you'll see a whole lot of matches between the WW and the game's basic idea.
WW is fantastic for ideas, but sometimes things don't quite work out.
Take this image, from a basic engine, all the way back in week #142.. (That's 76 weeks ago!)
(URL "http://socoder.net/uploads/1/Incomplete.png">
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Daily Blog
8th September 2009  
I was struggling to come up with an interesting game, this week, when my Mum decided to show me her latest highscore on Yahtzee.
New idea!
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8th September 2009  
Line up the dice, to fit the cards, and score as much as possible.
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Dice , Strategy , Puzzle , String , Word
7th September 2009  
I've just spent the past 2 hours playing a batch of my old (latest!) games, grabbing screenies, and re-uploading them to a new Archive system.
It's not exactly very pretty yet, and you can't vote, or search, or.. .. um, anything!
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Daily Blog
6th September 2009  
If you're russian and you're actually realistically posting something, stick a little bit of english in there, so I can tell! There's over 100 bits of spam in russian, in my akismet filter, and I can't tell what's real and what isn't.. so.. It's all gonna go, 'cos I can't be bothered google-translating each and every bit of spam!!

Tracking Back to Spam
Spambots are getting rather complex, and even worse are those horrible nasty little web...
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6th September 2009  
Here's what's done.
1. Characters
2. Main character
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3rd September 2009  
I'd better get this game done, this week! It's getting a wee bit unruley. I need to pull in the ideas a bit and just get the game finalised.
Today I've been playing with the map again.
(URL "http://socoder.net/uploads/1/superQuestMap.png">
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2nd September 2009  
Seems to be that a fair amount of suggestions are monkey based thoughts, so I figured why not make a new monkey collection?
If you've an idea for a new monkey game, shove it below or in the suggestion box, and we'll have a good fiddle around with them all.
Gameplay wise, I'm thinking of perhaps creating a structure to a few games, release one a week and create a sort of evolving storyline that somehow manages to link the games together.
At this point, I've no idea if that'll work. But he...
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Daily Blog
1st September 2009  
Many many years ago (about 20?!) I played a game called Painter on a mate's BBC Micro.
Haven't played the thing since, but what the hey, here's the "Done in a day" remake!
I had intended to do a bigger project, and in fact that project is nearly done, but the lack of time made me postpone the larger project for a week, while it all gets done.
So, quicky game this week.
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1st September 2009  
Paint the blocks orange, whilst avoiding the spikey things.
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