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21st July 2009  
Score a game of Scrabble. Not a game, more a tool...
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App , String , Word
19th July 2009  
I can't believe I've still not finished this yet!
Seems that, no matter how much work I do on this game, it's still not quite done.
This week, I finally decided on the complete "Not Chance" and "Not Community Chest" card selection. 12 of each, ready and waiting in the engine.
Next, I added all those lovely patents.
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Daily Blog , Patent Wars
13th July 2009  
Didn't work.

This week's Wednesday Workshop (#209) asked us to create a game with some kind of Gravity.
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13th July 2009  
Help Gravity Bob collect all the colored boxes.
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Incomplete , Puzzle
7th July 2009  
Not much this week, or at least, not as good as Microbes anyway!
I decided to redo Raining Bombs, from a few weeks ago.
The last one was for my Cookie phone, (which has since become a Viewty phone) and this one's for Windows.

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7th July 2009  
Destroy the building, to defeat your opponent's turret.
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Tanks , Remake , Multiplayer
30th June 2009  
A simple game, this week, but one that's already evolved quite a bit.
As I mentioned the other day, I actually got this game done earlier on in the week, and it was quite a bit of fun even then.
Since then, I've updated it a couple more times, and now it's even better than it was! woot!!

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29th June 2009  
Keep the disease at bay!
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Remake , Shoot-em-up
26th June 2009  
Yesterday turned out rather well.
I actually coded a complete game, from start to finish, logo, audio, everything, yesterday.
It's pretty good, and will be our AGameAWeek come Tuesday. (Because, if I posted it today, there'd be nothing to post on Tuesday!!)
Look forward to more shootyshooty stuff!

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Daily Blog
23rd June 2009  
Well, not all suck.
Let's take a quick run through my week, shall we?
Posted last week's game, got prepared to work on PatentWars some more.
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Daily Blog
17th June 2009  
Last Wednesday I started a new project, it's since gotten out of hand and I need some ideas to help bring it all to a close.
Let's start from the top.
Over at the MyLGCookie forums, someone asked if there was a nice touchscreen Monopoly.
As usual, Jay jumps in and says "Yeah, that'll be nice and easy"
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Daily Blog
16th June 2009  
At the start of this week, I completed a nice quick game of Atoms for my phone, so here's that..

It's a classic Amiga PD game from many many years ago. Tap to place an atom, place too many to explode them, capture all the tiles you can.
Simple gameplay, but lots of fun!
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15th June 2009  
Blast the Atoms to beat your opponent
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Remake , Strategy
9th June 2009  
I've about 20-odd projects on the go, this week, so you'll have to excuse the lack of blog entries, and even a decent AGameAWeek game.
Most of this week was spent trying to roll a dice! (die, whatever)
I figured that, with 4 frames per roll, I'd need around about 200+ frames of animation.
I tried to work out all the animations, and it drove me crazy!
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8th June 2009  
Collect all the Blocklets, and get them home.
Views 2970, Upvotes 41
Flicky , Platformer , Blockman Platform
8th June 2009  
Destroy the building, to defeat your opponent's turret.
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Tanks , Remake , Multiplayer
1st June 2009  
OMG! It's a Trial Edition!! WTF!? Demo! ARGH!!!
Actually, I've not finished yet.
But rather than skip out a week of AGameAWeek, I've decided to release a quick Trial edition.
In this version, you must guide Platdude through 11 classic JNKPlatDS08 levels.
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1st June 2009  
A quick test of JNKPlat in 3D
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Incomplete , Puzzle , Platdude
30th May 2009  
Things are coming together quite nicely.
The game's managing to build up in it's nice 2D environment, and so far none of the 3D stuff's killing the PC.
I should probably point out that certain levels will obviously become a bit TOO complex for older systems, but for the most part even my Celeron's managing to cope. Roughly!
It goes crazy if you build a whole level of ladders, but other than that, it's fine
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Daily Blog
29th May 2009  
Just a quicky, this week, as I know the spam is spam!
But there were still a couple of oddities that stuck out.
My Amazing Weight Loss Story writes...
Thanks for writing, I truly liked reading your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have talent for blogging!
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Daily Blog
27th May 2009  
I made a start on this game a few days ago, and things seem to be progressing at a decent enough rate.
The basic gameplay engine is in there, now. The test level (200x50 blocks) loads, platdude can run around, grab onto bars, jump around and use ladders. He can also work plungers and have the blocks open and shut accordingly.
So, that's all nice!

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Daily Blog
26th May 2009  
Another nice subtle title for Google to pick up, along with the odd sprinkles of text within.
Last time we posted LG Cookie KP500 Java J2ME Free Games to Download *cough* we had the following 3 games.
#1. Hangman
#2. Slots
Views 406, Upvotes 3
26th May 2009  
Tap the screen to push the balls into the holes
Views 1982, Upvotes 26
Balls , Tap , Aim
26th May 2009  
Tap the screen to destroy the red-code virus
Views 2109, Upvotes 16
Tap , Aim , Movie
26th May 2009  
Try to beat your opponent, or an AI
Views 1976, Upvotes 23
Basic , Multiplayer
25th May 2009  
I'm a calm person.
I will happily settle with what I've got, and be glad that I have it.
I don't own a copy of Flash, I can't afford it, and I'm not going to steal it.
So I carry on making games in Blitz, and whatever else I can get my hands on.
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25th May 2009  
Like Electronic Arts, my game titles are becoming ever more complex, with themes and years being added on, in an ever expanding way.
No matter, it's still only 12 characters long, so that's ok
Yesterday I made a decision that might break up AGameAWeek for a few weeks.
I don't seem to have nearly enough time, recently, so I'll pad things out a bit, and work on a lengthy project.
(Although, if it helps, I worked on a bunch of M...
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