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19th September 2022  
The "Dungeon Something" game still hasn't got a name, nor has the crab creature. If you've any suggestions, leave 'em in the comments!

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Daily Blog
18th September 2022  
Can't seem to focus on my game-dev this week. I spent most of yesterday tweaking that ALChoon from the day before.

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Daily Blog
17th September 2022  
Tried to make a lovely ALChoon yesterday, and all seemed to flow amazingly well.
The beat seemed perfect, the "meeees" and the "maaaws" appeared in tune. Everything was going perfectly!

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Daily Blog , Bits
16th September 2022  
I started to recreate yesterday's Platdude Pixelart as a game in GotoJSE, but I didn't get very far in my creation of a game.

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Daily Blog , Vague Progress
15th September 2022  
Struggling to get anything done again, and yet surprisingly managing to get plenty done.
The results weren't all that great, but .. At least it's another check off the list.

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Daily Blog , Catching Up
14th September 2022  
Today's plan is simple.
Compose an entire ALChoon, Make a video for it, write a Newsletter, then panic because I haven't started a game, yet!

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Daily Blog , Chaos
13th September 2022  
I haven't got a plan for this week. Not a clue..
Honestly, nothing. No idea.

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Daily Blog , Juggling
12th September 2022  
The SmileBASIC framework can now cope with 4 players at once.
.. I think..!

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Daily Blog , Smilebasic
11th September 2022  
The Multiplayer menu for SmileBASIC games is kinda functional, now, but the controllers aren't quite as good as they could be.

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Daily Blog , Thoughts
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