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Nothing Found :(
  8th January, 2008
What happens when you take 2 classic Atari 2600 games, and stick them together?

Centipong mixes Centipede and Pong to create a really weird almost-psychedelic game.
Smash the ball at the Centipede repeatedly.
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  26th August, 2008
Tap, Tap, Tap!!
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Needs , More , Cowbell , Music
  31st December, 2007
The DrunkenCoders Christmas Compo finishes tonight.

I bothered to enter the new JNKPlat Xmas Special (You can download that here) but it's nothing too special..
So, this morning, at around 8am, I decided to get my arse in gear and actually make something nice and snowy for the compo.
Around 5 hours later, give or take, and Snowman Attack is the result.

Run around and shoot the snowmen before they get you. You have 5 bits of health and a constantly running countdown. There are 4 powerups available, for health, extra time and weaponary.
A nice simple game, made quickly!
No hiscores, no online abilities, and not even any music.

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Daily Blog
  28th February, 2020
I'd worked hard and fast to get everything done by Thursday, that by the time Thursday Night came around, I was all coded out.
I literally couldn't be bothered, at all.

Instead, then, I opened up YouTube and headed to Jazza's channel.

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Daily Blog , Relaxing
  21st January, 2019

Destroy the planets for points!

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Release , 603
  25th July, 2019

Time to connect the hexes!
Grab a hex from the side, and smash it into alike-coloured hexes, to make them all disappear.

If you've a Switch, and have downloaded PetitCom4 from the (Currently) Japan-Only eShop (vague instructions here), you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key...


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Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4
  2nd July, 2019
I've dumped a bunch of videos on YouTube for the PetitSwitch games.
I've set up a Petit Switch playlist, and am going to attempt to keep to that with future releases.
But what of everything else?

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Daily Blog , Videos
  29th July, 2019
After tweeting this morning's daily Foldapuz default sheet to Twitter, I lay in bed wondering what Foldapuz game to make, next..
I started to drift off to sleep with the idea of a simple word game.

But then .. a Twitter notification..

OK then.. A maze game of sorts...
But what sort of sort..?
I rolled over, curled up, and drifted gently off to sleep, thinking about mazes..

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Daily Blog , Foldapuz
  14th May, 2017


Nearly up to 400 games in the Jayenkai Archive (currently 393!), and boy, am I struggling for game names, lately!?!
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Daily Blog
  19th July, 2019
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  22nd April, 2008
Find the Mines
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Classic , Puzzle , Strategy , Remake
  28th July, 2019
PreRelease - Last day of tweaking
A few more tweaks, and Browsercade Game #001 should be more or less ready to go.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
  18th July, 2019
Things I need to do, today.
1. Post morning Blog+Pixelart
2. Socoder Newsletter
3. ALChoon
4. Finish off Alien "something" for Petit Switch
5. Go for a health assessment in the middle of town.. Ugh..

Not looking forward to this one. ..

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Daily Blog , Juggling
  1st June, 2019
1. Finish off Flappadiddle on PetitSwitch
2. Finish off Hangman on Shoebox
3. Consider that combining things into one has gone so well on Shoebox that it might be a good idea to start doing that with my PetitSwitch games.
4. Consider that I should probably also do that with AGameAWeek "proper"
5. Wonder how that's going to impact my lovely "500,000 games" list.
6. Goto 3

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Daily Blog , Petit Switch , Shoebox
  4th June, 2019

Spent a few hours, yesterday, getting a very basic looking car to drive around a very basic looking grassland. (and/or, blue space with stars in it, acting like a flat driveable area!)

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Daily Blog , 606
  28th November, 2007
If you're following development of Platdude's Retro Collection hoping for a new batch of great games, then you're in luck! TWO great games have been added, TWO rubbishy games have been added, and ONE more game is being worked on right now, as I type this..
Games 1 and 2 are listed in the official page, the Missile Command and Extract games. Nice, simple, retro, fast and fun.
Game 3 was also simple and fast. It's the usual "Things pop up, then you tap them. You get a minute, score as much as you can" type of game. But it really wasn't all that interesting in the end, so it'll probably be scrapped.
Game 4 was a Donkey Kong esque game. Rather than jump OVER the barrels, you jump on the goomba-esque creatures (The Space Invaders!) and use the higher-bounce-jump to make your way up the level. Sounds great. Unfortunately it turned out to be a very dull repetitive game. Not too sure why! Oh well..

Game 5, currently in progress, really can't go wrong. (Hopefully!)
It's Pacman.
Nice and easy!
Two screens, twice the mazes, twice the bad guys, twice the power pellets.


For those keeping track, I'll probably dump all the failed games together into a super-secret menu, so you can at least get to try them out. And at this rate, I'll probably need more than one!
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Daily Blog
  24th November, 2009
Get all of Munky's Blocks in order.
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Puzzle , Strategy , Remake
  28th March, 2018
Update March 29th 2018 - Added Analysing Zombification

  Analysing Atmospheres
  Analysing Butterflies
  Analysing Corruption

Total 26 tracks
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  22nd August, 2014
Last week saw the two year anniversary of this post, where I waffled and rambled on about my health condition. Mum suggested it was about time to write an update, so this is that!

Two years on, and although I'm marginally better, I'm still somewhat stuck in a fairly similar position.
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