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Nothing Found :(
  15th December, 2019
Another of those "CBA" days, yesterday.

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Daily Blog
  14th May, 2017


Nearly up to 400 games in the Jayenkai Archive (currently 393!), and boy, am I struggling for game names, lately!?!
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Daily Blog
  23rd May, 2019
The game can be downloaded using the Public Code 424JQK3NJ

View on YouTube

Head into the top right projects thing, then hit R twice to access the Online games, then hit X (iirc!) and enter the PublicCode.

Job done!

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Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4
  26th July, 2019
Far too hot. Struggled to sleep, last night.
Instead, I sat in the living room at 1:30, tapping away on my laptop.

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Daily Blog , Late Night Coding
  19th July, 2019
I don't think I'll be getting "Game with balls" up and running within the next day-and-a-half or so, so instead, I'll make something completely different!!

But what game to make?

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Daily Blog , Shoebox
  6th July, 2019
Place lines throughout the grid, one at a time, and try to create complete squares to capture the grid places as your own.
The winner is the player with the most claimed squares by the end of the game.
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Shoebox , Vs
  2nd December, 2008
Another week working on Alien Deathmatch means another week that I've not done AGameAWeek, so it's back into the big bag of failures to see if we can dig anything new out.


But, the lack of anything new, and finished, doesn't always mean nothing on this Blog.. Let's bring back the old "Experimental" tag from way back when, and show off a few random bits of unfinished garbage.
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  3rd July, 2019
PreRelease - A nicer options menu

Looks much better!!

I'm now struggling with pausing the music when you alt+tab, or otherwise multitask away from the browser.
I seem to have got it working on iPad Safari (which is alarmingly unusual!) and Firefox, but not in Chrome or Edge.
The Pause screen's coming up, but the pause command doesn't appear to be triggering the pause event in the mod player.
Bit odd, but I think I've probably confounded my own code a bit, so will be double checking everything to be sure.

But, yeah, the new menu looks nice!
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  4th August, 2019


A little shadow added to the back buffer, and everything scaled so that the gameplay fits within the alcove.

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  5th July, 2019
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  26th April, 2019
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Game , Joust
  9th September, 2008
A quick update, albeit not a proper one..
If you download this new version of JNKPlat, you can use the inbuilt editor to play around with all the nice new features I've been adding in, lately.
I've not really gotten around to building a bunch of levels, yet, though! So you'll have to wait for that.

I'll be posting a new version next week with some new packs of levels, and maybe even a bunch more new features, too!

Head inside to find the list of new features..
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Daily Blog
  29th October, 2019
Updated 29th October 2019 - Added Track : Westwards

A selection of bonus choons from the year, which weren't released as part of the main AL Bums.


Total 14 tracks
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  26th July, 2019
Line up the cards in the grid so that the cards in each row and column add up to 21.
Remember that Aces can be either 1 or 11, and that Jack, Queen and King equal 10.
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Shoebox , Misc
  22nd July, 2019
PreRelease - A bare test edition is posted.[/highlight]

The gradient background in the above screenshot has been drawn to a secondary canvas, which is then redrawn onto the main canvas.
This seems to work reasonably well, and should hopefully allow for a fair number of generated backgrounds and other such effects, without requiring huge 1024x1024 background images to be downloaded.

The whole thing runs a little slowly on my Samsung Galaxy 10 A, however, so I'm going to have to add an option to disable the buffer when necessary.
But otherwise.. Yeah.. Works alright!

If you'd like to try out the engine for yourself, head on over to the imaginatively titled Browsercade.com and you can have a short play about.

Most-everything should work with keyboard.
You should also be able to plug in a gamepad, and have it work.
Tapping the tiny button on the bottom left of the main menu will open up the touchscreen buttons, and you can test those out, too, should you be on mobile/tablet.

Do be aware, the collision detection in the "game" isn't 100% yet!

But otherwise, you should be able to get a good enough feel for the controls.
Be sure to let me know if it's up to regular AGameAWeek standards!
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  27th May, 2019
I've gotten JMTracker up to a semi-working state, but still have to add test settings for things like Tempo and Instrument selection, as well as a proper Load requester.
But so far, so good, and it's a vaguely decent output.. I think!!

Although only a proper set of melodies and actual ingame usage will tell for sure..

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Daily Blog , Jmtrackr , Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4
  30th April, 2019
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Danger , Game , Jnkplat
  25th July, 2019

Time to connect the hexes!
Grab a hex from the side, and smash it into alike-coloured hexes, to make them all disappear.

If you've a Switch, and have downloaded PetitCom4 from the (Currently) Japan-Only eShop (vague instructions here), you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key...


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Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4
  22nd April, 2008
Find the Mines
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Classic , Puzzle , Strategy , Remake
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