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Struggling for Originality
  16th October, 2018
As I added yet another game to this year's Advent Collexion, I realised that I'm pretty much out of ideas!!


I need some fresh game ideas, so I think today will probably be spent playing various emulators and stashing away a few stolen concepts from classic games.
I've not really done that for a long time, and in fact I've barely played much of anything over the past few years aside from the "safe" games that I know I already enjoy.

Ideas are getting rather stale, and I need a boost of imagination.
This is where emulators come into play, for me. To kickstart the idea forming, by trying new things.
And what better new things than playing a big bunch of 80s games on an Amstrad emulator!

Yep. That's me sorted for the day!!

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