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11th October 2020  
Took the night off, last night!


Sat reading all kinds of stuff online. Been a while since I sat and had a good read.
A couple of Mumoss's Dirty Feed articles, some of Yer man Scullion's Tired Old Hack, and a bunch of the shorter fun sites like Supper Mario Broth.

I shut off all the computery things, put on some background music (Star Trek/Doctor Who soundtracks on shuffle) and just sat reading on my iPad all night.
A nice relaxing session that I apparently haven't done for a good while, considering how much stuff I had to catch up on.

Maybe all this coding is taking it's toll. Either that or it's a combination of No Man's Sky and prior to that Animal Crossing, eating up any and all leftover free time!?



Right, back to the code.
Today I need to make the "between shots" thing a bit more apparent. Score tally's and whatnot.
I'm thinking a point-overlay might work well enough, but trying to get things onscreen without overlapping might be tricky.

Also, I'd completely forgotten that this one will need AI.
That's going to have to be done in a short amount of time, so expect it to be mostly rubbish!

Should be ready to go by tomorrow, though. There's not really much more to do to the game. Everything else is in place.
Gud Gud!

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