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Shoebox - Uintah and Wasatch
29th June 2020  
v1.1471 - Added the solitaire games Uintah and Wasatch

Two similar solitaire games, in which you move cards of higher or lower value onto the Foundation pile, in order to clear out the deal pile.
Uintah features four foundation piles, whilst Wasatch only contains one.
Game Concept - Gordon Bower

You can Play Uintah and Wasatch in the Shoebox.


View on YouTube

What I Didn't Do

I forgot to remove the default "High Score/Best Word" scoreboard display from the game when I recorded the YouTube trailer, and after that, failed to beat the game SO many times in a row that I completely gave up trying to rerecord the footage!
Bah, humbug!!

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New games every week!
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