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Next Game..
  21st August, 2019

Managed to draw the donkey quite well, yesterday, after which the simplicity of the game fell into place.
Job done.
Release on Petit Switch, late tomorrow.


Quite tempted to replicate that for Browsercade, but first comes Shoebox.
In yesterday's video, Otakupunk mentioned Farkle as being quite like Yahtzee, so I'm probably going to look into all the rules for that.

Sounds much more "group" orientated, so it'll help fill up a space in that section of the menu.

So, the week ahead, assuming I can manage it all..

Friday Petit Switch : Donkey Wrong
Saturday Shoebox : Farkle
Monday Browsercade : Probably Donkey Wrong, too!
Tuesday Foldapuz.... .. No idea!

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