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Finishing Touches
28th July 2019  
PreRelease - Last day of tweaking
A few more tweaks, and Browsercade Game #001 should be more or less ready to go.


The todo list
1. Sound effects. Blockman jumps, but nothing else has any sound.
2. Lives. Blockman can be hit, but there's no lives lost, nor is there any onscreen "splash".
3. The Score Display. It's not quite as readable as I'd like, but I'd rather not end up adding that black bar like I did to Shoebox.
4. Levels. Once you beat a level, it would be nice if it started the next!!

I also need to formulate difficulty levels, but that's usually just More/Less baddies.

All those should (*should) be doable today, so with any luck, expect the game to drop either tonight or tomorrow.

And then I need only make another 100 or so games!!

Oh joy!!

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