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Busy Day 2 - Electric Boogaloo
  18th July, 2019
Things I need to do, today.
1. Post morning Blog+Pixelart
2. Socoder Newsletter
3. ALChoon
4. Finish off Alien "something" for Petit Switch
5. Go for a health assessment in the middle of town.. Ugh..

Not looking forward to this one. ..


This week's Petit Switch game is about 75% done. I need to add extra weapons, and then balance the game, but otherwise it feels pretty good.

As for the "game with balls", that needs some form of layout structure, and I'm not what direction to take.
I WAS going to pseudo-random generate the layouts, but then remembered that I haven't yet added a decent pseudo-random-number-generator in the Javascript engines.
I might have a think about ways to do that, whilst sat in a taxi trying not to get too nauseous!

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