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Last Few Tweaks?
7th July 2019  
I *think* I'm almost ready to start coding my first Browsercade game.


I'm fairly certain that the Pause functionality now works universally. Or at the very least, it manages to pause any music when you Alt+Tab/Multitask on Firefox, Edge Chrome Dev Edition, Google Chrome and on iPad.
It doesn't, however, run well in standard Edge, where it glitches and stutters all over the place.
It also doesn't run at all in Internet Explorer, but I don't think anyone would be surprised by that fact!

Yesterday was spent finishing off most of the control-redefine stuff (Yes, I'm still working on that!!)
There's still a slight issue when two defined buttons are on opposite ends of the same control. eg, Up and Down are both on "Axis 1", but one side is +1 and the other is -1.
I thought I'd fixed that with negative numbers, but the issue still remains.
That'll be today's first tweak.

The second is the options menu on the pause screen, which currently can't be reached with a controller. You need to mouse/touchscreen the button.
But, other than those two fairly minor issues, I think (*think) that the majority of the framework is now stable enough that I can attempt the first game.

Quite what that first game might be, I'm not sure, but I did spend a little time drawing NeonPlat sprites on the Switch, yesterday, and I think as an Arcade Game, that probably fits quite well..

So, today's plan.
1. Fix the negative controls.
2. Fix the option button.
3. [Start]

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New games every week!
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