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Today's Plan
  17th June, 2019
I need to come up with a Foldapuz for tonight.
Really running out of ideas for that, but am determined to keep pushing onwards until there are literally no more random puzzles left to put in!


Once that's done, a little extra work on the Browsercade.
I haven't yet added any keyboard/gamepad support, so that will definitely have to be done.

The input section of the Browsercade will be significantly more advanced than the Shoebox's is.
I need to consider redefineable keys, inverted Y Axis, and other such pitfalls along the way.

.. Whereas shoebox is just "Is the mouse doing something?"

So, yeah, that's probably going to take up much of the day, I think.


There are a number of pods, and a green square, bounding around my Switch's screen!

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