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Player Thoughts - Atoms
  16th June, 2019
After each release, or thereabouts because it's getting hard for even me to keep up, we get a little bit of feedback for the games.
If you'd like to join in, you can either use the Comments section, Email me, or send a Tweet.

You can Play Atoms in the ShoeBox. It's in the "Group Games" section.

@RSKGames says..

Played 3 times and lost the first time and won the second and third time. First time I lost after my very first move.

LOL! Poor @RSKGames!


Second time took some time and as the game progressed it became a crazy shifting of pieces between myself and the Al. Sometimes the chain reaction can be so unpredictable that it can wipe out all enemy pieces in one go.
a very explosive and fun game.

It can get very intense, especially after about 50 or so moves, once there's a decent amount of the grid filled up.
There's not a lot of strategies that actually work for this game, as the seemingly random amount of insane explosions can get completely out of control.

In general, try to keep hold of the corners, and try to avoid leaving too many burstable atoms next to each other.
Staggering clusters seems to help, but it's very hard to keep it under control!

Sometimes I get confused which is my color. I know that the turn message gives an indication of the color but it will be good if there is a legend on the side indicating players and their colors.

I'm not sure why the colours of the atoms seem to blend together in this game!
Maybe I need to add brightness amounts to the different colours? Not sure.
But orange and yellow, and yellow and green, are alarmingly similar to each other.

Yeah, I need to look into that.

Otherwise, though, it's good to see you enjoyed it.
It's probably not going to be an oft-replayed game, but it's another addition to the box!

You can Play Atoms in the "Group Games" section of the ShoeBox.

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