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  15th June, 2019
v0.997 - Added the explosive game "Atoms" into the Group games section.

The classic explosive game of popping atoms is finally in the Shoebox!
You can Find Atoms in the Group Games section.


The aim is simple. Eradicate all enemy atoms from the board.
Placing one atom each turn, you can place atoms onto any empty square, or combine them with your own coloured atoms on the board.

Once a square is overfilled, the atoms within will explode, sending atoms to any adjacent squares, changing them to the colour of the explosion. If those squares then overfill, more explosions will occur, and crazy chain reactions will take place.

Corner tiles can hold 1 atom, side ones 2, and center ones 3.

There's a fair amount of strategy to this game, but it can get a little crazy at times.

You can Play Atoms in the Shoebox, list under Group Games.


I swore an awful lot when trying to get the end-game working right, so .. Do let me know if it doesn't seem to work right!
Team matches "should" work in principle, but might not end correctly due to the game over stuff getting a little over-convoluted.

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