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Today's Plan
  15th June, 2019
1. Finish off Atoms.


It kinda works, but I'm not convinced that it's doing the Game Over properly.
I spent about an hour, last night, staring at a screen full of exploding atoms, trying to figure out if it was playing the game properly.

I DO like this game, but .. Man, if it isn't all a bit random at times!!

Once that's done, I'll head back to the newest framework, and see about fixing up a menu system for it.
I don't think I'll be separating things for this one, and will probably instead try to keep an "AGameAWeek" mentality, making it more of a "sort by date" giant list..
I think!

Maybe add in a Favourites menu, too, which I also need to add to Shoebox.. So, maybe do both together?

As well as that, I've another week's PetitSwitch game to think of. I'm currently thinking Centipong, but I've never enjoyed playing that game with a stick/pad, and it usually feels much better with a mouse.
Guess I'll have to test it, and find out!

Plenty of juggling in the day ahead!

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