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  13th June, 2019
I was flicking through my Shoebox Todo-List, today, and stumbled upon Atoms.
I haven't attempted Atoms for a while, mostly because it requires me to draw all those Atoms!!

But, today I drew them, and the engine seems fairly capable.

(ignore the fact that half those positions aren't "real", it's just a crazy animating thing, right now!)


Atoms is a great little game, seeing you place atoms within the grid, until there's too many atoms, and they explode to fill up adjacent boxes.
The game's current leader can flip/flop like crazy, as the intense chain reactions cause more and more explosions around the board.

Having said that.. .. Not really "Shoebox" is it! Meh, no matter. It's a fun game.

Tomorrow I'll take the time to get the game playable, as well as adding AL-AI into the mix.

Should hopefully not be too complicated to get the rest done.
Rules, Explosions, Chains, and then...
Yeah.. Easy enough!

Coming Saturday to Shoebox : Atoms!!

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