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Petit Switch - Releases
  20th June, 2019
Latest Game : 20th June 2019 : Centipong

Petit Computer 4, SmileBasic for Nintendo Switch, was released on 23rd of May, 2019 in the Japanese eShop.
If you'd like to give it a try, I've written this vague guide to get you started with getting the Japanese edition onto your none-Japanese Switch, as well as these additional blog posts.

I've also made the following downloads for the language.

I'll aim to post a new game every Friday, so watch out for them!

Games (5)



Downloads 102 - Likes 11




Downloads 125 - Likes 22

Space Popcorn


Downloads 97 - Likes 15

Blockman Gets


Downloads ? - Likes ?



Downloads ? - Likes ?

Tools (1)



Downloads 45 - Likes 2

Note : The only place that I can currently get download/like stats is from the "Top Downloads/Likes" page, and that only lists about 120 or so items. Anything that's not quite in that top list, I can't currently get the stats for.


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