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Recent Feedback
  23rd April, 2019
As the Shoebox grows, so the feedback flows!
You can Play the Shoebox of Games here.


Today I played Board of spikes and Ludo in android mobile. This is the first time I am playing shoebox of games in mobile and I found it to be a very good experience. Took a little bit of effort to place the ludo pieces initially but then it became easier.


Some of the games can get a little fiddly on a tiny screen, but for most of the board games you should at least be able to pinch-zoom your way closer to the action.
If you do get lost, at all, you can hit the word [center] which is in the middle of the titlebar, to recenter the screen at any time.

I played Board of spikes before reading the description so I was avoiding all the spikes but then to my surprise found the AI leaping ahead by landing on a spike and getting 6 places forward card.

I knew going in that this was exactly the gameplay mechanic I wanted, but I was slightly hesitant to actually make it SpikeDislike for that very reason. Aiming for the spikes seems a bit crazy!!
But, once you start to play it, it seems to fit ok. .. I think!!

I find board of spikes to be a bit more interactive than snakes and ladders as the player has to drag and drop the card on top of the piece. I was able to win in my first attempt.

Yeah, the "slide the card onto your piece" seems to add quite a lot to the game. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind, moving forward.
It's such a little thing, but it makes everything "feel" a little more interesting.

I ludo I noticed that the AI skipped a turn even after it got a 6 to come out of the home base.

Hmm. Does it? Dang, that's no good.
I'll have to have a nosey.
I did consider screen-capturing a round, so I could watch slowly what it is that AL's doing, but .. I couldn't bring myself to watch the game in the first place, never mind analysing footage thereafter

As the AI is not hunting down the player pieces it was relaxing and fun to play.

I might change that in future, but was sick of the sight of it by the time I was done ... Have I said how much I hate Ludo!?

Thanks for the feedback, RSKGames!

You can Play the Shoebox of Games here.

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