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Next Game?
  23rd April, 2019
I think my head wants to have a play with a "Normal" AGameAWeek game.


A game title popped into my head, last night, and it's the sort of game title that would equally work as well as a standard action game, or as a slower board game, and that kinda excites me.

I'm not sure what direction to take it, and will likely spend the majority of today with that idea bubbling over in my head, until I can figure out for sure, what way it's going to go in.

Meanwhile, I noticed a little bit of slowdown in the Cordova version of the game, last night, and that slightly worries me.
I'd assumed that Cordova would simply use the iPad's internal Safari browser, but now I'm not too sure that that's the case.
The slowdown only appears to be happening in Klondike Solitaire, when the engine is drawing the cards larger than their original sprites.
The credits screen is silky smooth, where it's drawing the exact same sprites in greater numbers, so it must be to do with the scaling..
.. Which is odd, because that doesn't happen at all when run in default Safari.

I'm going to have to delve deep to figure why that's happening, and if there's a surefire way to solve it without reducing the size of the sprites.

Busy day ahead.
Thinking and Tweaking!!

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