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Latest iOS Test
  22nd April, 2019
Cordova can be a right pain, at times, but I'm finally starting to wrangle it into a suitable amount of functionality.


Fixing the "stops the background audio" issue wasn't too hard, with this little plugin doing the legwork.

The resolution seems to be identical to the browser version, and everything looks/feels as it oughta.
The only issue, and I'd completely forgotten that I had to fix this, is that the wordlist still won't load.
I'll probably spend tonight trying to decide on the best way to solve that. Probably just a case of "dump the list into a giant .js based array", because I'm not sure of any alternatives that might work as well.
.. Assuming I can get a giant .js array to load like that!!

Icons and Launch screens are in place, and everything else seems to be functioning correctly.

I've half-started an iTunesConnect App submission, but it still needs a few bits and pieces, like "proper" screenshots. Not sure how I'll be taking those, probably using the Mac "Simulator", I'd imagine.

But, yeah, it's all coming together nicely.
What could possibly go wrong!?!

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