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Finally, Spikes!
  22nd April, 2019
v0.897 - Added game Board of Spikes, a simple Snakes'n'Ladders style game, using cards.
A simple Snakes'n'Ladders style game, using cards.

Use one of the cards from your hand to select how many spaces you'll move. If you land on a Spike, turn it over to see what will happen. You'll either end up moving forwards or backwards, so lets hope that luck is on your side.

You can Find 'Board of Snakes' in the Board Games of the Shoebox.


Blimey, that took far too long to make.

Framework Features added.
  • Extra Cards
    Hopefully these are suitable enough that they can be reused in future games. The engine seems to be able to keep up with all the text being written on the card, as long as there aren't too many cards onscreen at once.
    I might have to create a more minimal version of the cards, in extreme scenarios, though!

  • Events
    As well as having the little "Player's Turn" popup, I've now got the ability to draw extra event popups.
    These are useful so that things don't end up getting a little too "automated". Although things still "Just happen", you'll at least be told what's happening, and why!

    I will, however, have to tweak it a bit more, to make it more reusable for future games. It's currently very game-specific, but.. yeah, events can be done!

  • Waiting
    AI/AL Players will only take their turn if there are no events currently onscreen. This occasionally leads to a little bit of a wait, though, so I might need to poke AL a little to get things moving!

    Other than those things, this game reuses an awful lot of Snakes and Ladders' code, so it really shouldn't have taken as long as it did!
    Apologies that it did.

    You can Find 'Board of Snakes' in the Board Games of the Shoebox.

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