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Final Day With Spikes
  22nd April, 2019
Unless my mind turns to mush again, I'm fairly confident that I should be able to finish the Spike Boardgame thing, today.


The game isn't *wowie*, in fact it's really rather bland, but it's taken an alarming amount of time to get anything working.

The todo list is rather small, now.
I have to fix the AL player to be a teensy bit less random.
I need to tweak the "land" mechanics, as they currently only seem to cause Player One to do anything!
I also need to add some kind of "What card did AL play" display that doesn't get too in the way.

But other than that, things should be pretty much good to go.

*fingers crossed* you get to play it later today.


With all of my recent Cordova (The "run your website like an App" thing) tweaks in place, I decided to do a quick test compile on Mac for iOS last night.

At which point XCode decided it was going to do a 6Gb update, and then it sat there for a good number of hours attempting to download it, and not letting me actually DO anything, whilst it downloaded 6Gb of content..


So.. Yeah.. That didn't happen.. :\

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